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Recent posts by Aman Tandon

issue is cleared already and i already described it sir with exampe....
i have to modify the params hashmap for the strings came up.
8 years ago
yeah you is right sir
i am really confused to how to do this..
main key is params
first time if i got the string :->"Delhi"
then hashmap should be like this

if the next string comes up like :->"201300"
then params will becomes,

I will be really thankful to you....please help me out
8 years ago
In my case i will got the string array having values like suppose

so in this case there will be a nested hashmap of <String, String >
so the main key will be animal, land is child of animal, tiger and deer are the sibblings and have these corresponding values

i have to create the hashmap<String, String> dynamically whenever i got that array

8 years ago
Suppose the string is A.B.C.D=123, A.E=11,A.B.C=78
i need the hashmap to be in the format
8 years ago
thank you very much mr. Bill
sir i need some more help... you say firstly i will make a batch fil that run my game using appletviewer game.html
then i make a jar file and put just this batch file in it. then what i have to do..i am not getting that..
and when we make the executable jar file then we have to make manifest how to make entry of batch file in it.
9 years ago
is there is any way out to create a jar file which will make run a batch file inside it.

the need come when i have completed my snake and ladder game project and then i created a batch file to run snake and ladder game which is on applet and run it through batch using applet viewer and it runs successfully.
then i thought that is there is any way out to run a batch file directly when we execute a jar file so that look and feel good and easy for the user to run a jar file which in turn run your batch file and for those who doesn't knows about batch file it will be easier for them.

i will be thankful to you people.
9 years ago
Yes, you is absolutely right we can also use it too..
in my mind that i idea come...but you did the good job to tell the difference about include() and forward() if somebody who don't know about can get the wrong output in his aspect..

Thanks Swetha.
9 years ago
Actually it is very simple my friend...
consider an app 1 from which you want to access app2 demo3 page okay...
we can't get out our context but that app2 context can be come in our now the point is how we do it..
so what you have to do...just simply firstly get the context of your app1
ServletContext ctx= getServletContext();
and then ServletContext ctx1= ctx.getContext("http://localhost:7001/app2");// to get the context of another app using servlet context method getContext()and give the absolute path in this.
then use the request dispatcher object to get to that app2's page demo3
RequestDispatcher rd = ctx1.getRequestDispatcher("/demo3");

reply if you don't find it suitable...

Aman Tandon
9 years ago