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Recent posts by Nicholas Martin

In this highly sought after positon, you will work with a small team of engineers and implementation teams to build, test, and deliver software products and enhancements. Analyze, design, develop and test new and existing Java applications to meet evolving market requirements and regulations. Exhibit strong communications skills, be a self starter, and hold a strong sense of ownership and commitment to your role on a team.

Responsibilities and functions:
Responsible for all technical aspects of the Java-based application environments
Creating technical assessments to identify and document the scope and level of effort a particular project might have on the Java-based applications
Design new and modify existing components of Java applications and insuring the design is faithful to the requirements and the final result is faithful to the design
Initiate projects (starting with Business Requirements) to make improvements in the Java application environment
Collaborating with other engineers in developing standards and guidelines that are unique to the Java-based applications
Ensuring all Java-based systems conform to the overall architecture including data, application, and IT architecture)
Building and maintaining favorable working relationships with other staff, customers and vendors
Maintaining technical skills by researching and attending training seminars and classes Researching and keeping up with industry trends that affect the Java environment and leveraging new technologies whenever necessary to advance application design
Responsible for educating staff that may be called upon to work in Web Environment
Write clear program/module technical design specifications, including specifications intended for others to build from
Provide support to other test groups with quick turnaround for related defects found during functional and integration test cycles
Perform requirements analysis and deliver work estimates for proposed changes for small and large projects

Essential Requirements:
Experience working in a high-performance, highly available, 24x7 production environment.
3+ years software development experience
3+ years Java development experience in a client/server architecture
3+ years business application development
Strong background in Java programming language
Android development experience is a plus
Understanding and integration with relational databases (Oracle)
Familiar with the following technologies Hibernate, Spring, JSP, SOAP, REST, AJAX, XML, CSS, GWT
Internet application servers (Tomcat)
Understanding of Object Oriented concepts, design patterns, and various open-source toolkits and frameworks
Experience with Selenium automated scripting tool
Experience with automated build tools (Maven)
Familiar the Unix operating environment (Linux)
Ability to learn new technologies and business concepts quickly
Excellent communication skills
Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Able to actively participate in cross-functional teams formed to quickly resolve an issue or deliver a project
Familiarity with Agile development methodologies (SCRUM)
Intellij IDE experience is a plus

Salary: $85k/Yr plus benefits.

Please submit resume, salary history, and availability to:
10 years ago