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Miguel Jimenez

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since Feb 18, 2002
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Recent posts by Miguel Jimenez

Thank you, very much.
17 years ago
Visual Age for Java 3.5 Enterprise
I'm trying to open a pdf file with the localhost
IBM WebSphere Test Environment but is impossible.
Must i modify any property file?
17 years ago
We are trying to use more than one DATASOURCE in a web application. Our platform is IBM WEBSPHERE, IBM DB2 7.1 everything under RED HAT LINUX 6.2 and are using JDK 1.1.8 + IBM CLASSES.
Every time we configure a new DATASOURCE this one works, but the earlier configured DATASOURCES stop working. We found the following naming service exception mesage: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException:jdbc/SAMPLE,
however jdbc/SAMPLE has been working before before another one had been added.
Can anybody help us, please?
Thank very much.
Miguel ´┐Żngel Jim´┐Żnez Gil
Seville (Spain)
17 years ago