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Developer, web application security pro, classically trained spinto tenor, net native, and impassioned mathematics enthusiast. My expertise surrounds the usual litany of web languages, libraries, and protocols. I have a passion to analyze and solve difficult problems, and a honed skill of rapidly training myself to have the ability to do so.
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Recent posts by Jeffrey Coleman

I'm a Java developer in government and the federal space has already contracted out and purchased lots of tool-chains, pipelines, and proprietary container management. If my job is essentially developing the enterprise applications themselves, how much and what specifically should I know about working with Kuberneties aside from what the enterprise dictates for our packaging?
6 years ago
We get the following error during deployment though we have defined the resource at the cluster level and defined the protocol in the provider.

Any suggestions?
11 years ago
This project works fine but when my coworker tries to use it, or I recreate it in a new workspace, I get this error. Any ideas?



11 years ago
Well that wasn't exactly what I thought I was going to get but it's good stuff to know. The app I was trying to use this for is already too far along for me to try to do all this and work it in. I'm still going to read into AOP and DI patterns. Can you recommend any books?
11 years ago
I am trying to develop annotations that will assist me in eliminating a lot of repeated code such as logging and auditing.

So far I've only seen how to make an annotation that will allow for values to be put in. When you annotate a pojo with @EJB it gets all this functionallity or in struts when you use the @Conversion() annotation and the @TypeConversion annotation they DO something for you. In an EJB you can even use annotations to specify methods to run before and after the methods or EJBs you call

How does this work?
How can I make annotations that inject code into the classes and methods that I annotate with my custom annotations?
Can I have a short little functional example? (Maybe just a annotation that maks a method print a method's parameters? Or a class annotation that prints a list of methods?)
How are things like @BeforeInvoke and @AfterInvoke coded?
When a class or method is annotated, what does that look like in memory? Is there a copy of the annotation with the class or does is live somewhere else seperate?

I know that's a lot but google keeps on comming up with nothing but this

and no clear explaination of how to make it useful.

Any guidence would be appreciated.
11 years ago
I made a correction.

The RequiredStringValidator annotaion was using the wrong field. This is currently the annotation used.

requiredStrings =
@RequiredStringValidator(type=ValidatorType.SIMPLE,fieldName="user_pin", message="You must ener a PIN")

The problem is that it always sees the field as empty
11 years ago
I should also mention that I am using Websphere version 7.0
11 years ago
I have an issue with the struts 2 RequiredStringValidator validation annotation making a method not exectue even though the specified fieldname has been entered on the form. The annotated method is get_user() in RecordAction line 284.

This is my action class RecordAction.

my struts.xml is

my web.xml

and my jsp

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
11 years ago
I found the issue. I had set the option for the dynamic method invocation to false so it was always executing the super class execute(). I removed this option from the struts.xml and it worked.
11 years ago
Sorry, I forgot that you might need the struts.xml as well

11 years ago
For some reason my action class methods are not executing and the returned string is always "success"

Here is the code for the jsp, action class, and web.xml

If you look on line 47 of the action class you'll see a debugging message. This line never gets executed even though the method of the submit button designates that new_record() method as the method struts should use.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
11 years ago
I have a page that passes values to itself only the values are not appearing on the new version of the page.

Here is my struts.xml, actionclass, and jsp:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advanace!
11 years ago
You were right. I actually fixed those issues.

Now I'm wondering how to do something. Every time any EJB is called I want the name of the ejb logged and any time a method is called I want that method logged along with its EJB and parameters. How do I accomplish this using AOP?

I'm assuming that once I'm out of development I can set my log4j properties file to log level Error and then I won't get the debug msgs and if I'm in validation or integration and have an issue I'll be able to change the log level and trace the application.

Can I do this? Is this a bad idea?
I'm having an issue getting this class level interceptor to work. I would like to create an interceptor that initilizes log4j for each EJB that is called since I'm logging nearly everything at this point anyway and will soon be putting in something similar for auditing.

Here is the code of the interceptor class, then the EJB that is being intercepted, and the stack trace of the error.

I also tried it via xml in the ejb-jar.xml:

Any help is appreciated.