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Just in case you need a SCEA Part I voucher. I have one on sale on e-bay for a discounted price: -

Yes I have taken an upgrade exam? My suggestion would be to go with the Upgrade.

In terms of: -
1. Level of difficulty
Comparatively the level of difficulty is lower in the Upgrade exam but not much lower.
2. Preparation
Preparation should be very simliar between the two exams. But you should already know most of the stuff.
3. Any advantage each one has over the other?
Fewer Questions and lower cost

Thanks everyone for your advice, opinions and suggestions. I also found this website that proved very helpful: -
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16 years ago
I was under the impression that you don't need a lawyer to incorporate. You do however need a good accountant after you incorporate.
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16 years ago
For an independent contractor/consultant to form his/her own corp? Which would be better LLC or "S" corp? Also has anyone tried incorporating via the web by using the websites: -

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16 years ago

What is the implication if the getPrintWriter() is called first before setContentType()?

It would use the default content type which is "text/html."

What is the difference between 4 & 5;

4 returns a char which is a primitive and 5 returns an array which is an object.
Thats it!! You knew this one all along.

That's great! So if you pass. What would you put on the resume? SCJA or SCJA Beta?
16 years ago
How are you starting tomcat? Do you have Java installed? Do you have JAVA_HOME variable defined? Is it in your path? Provide some additional info and I am sure someone will be able to help you.

I still don't get any errors. Are you using J2EE 1.4 implementation?