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Recent posts by sudarshan jadhav

How to get the xml tag value in java please give me syntax for getting that XML tag value in Java

How to get <ep:streamURL> & <ep:fileURL> tag value in java

8 years ago
In My struts2 and hibernate3.0 application when I am login to application in day 1st time enter username and password the server side application is installed is give me exception as follows:


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot call sendError() after the response has been committed

note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/7.0.25 logs.

when I am restart a tomcat server from my server this exception is not shown to me. why this exception is occured
my login code is follows:

My LoginAction java class is:

My Login Bean java class is:

My LoginDAOImpl java class is:

My LoginDAO interface java class is:

My Struts.xml file is as:

My web.xml file is as:

9 years ago

Thank you Joe. my program is run and record insert into database with file upload at a drive. I am remove interceptor tag in struts.xml my record is inserted successfully
But suggest me for file upload 20mb (or file more then 20mb upto the maximum size allowed) to server drive and fileupload tag is required for struts.xml
Please joe reply me
9 years ago

Hello Joe still null pointer exception i am added new jar file which are shown me on post attachement file and error code is as:

See my struts.xml file is as:

please joe help me all other code are as previous i am post on it. please suggest some idea because my code right on lt is a any one mapping or jar file missing or not please tell me what is the reason to exception
9 years ago
Thank you joe for link you have suggested to me , but how to upgrade or add that patch file to my jar file please reply me urgently.
9 years ago
Thank you Joe firstly for reply,
i am using struts2.1.6 and hibernate 3.0 i am attaching jar image file with a previous post please see it is right jar file for that version
please reply me for null pointer exception in struts2 . I am setting id with default value but runtime exception is shown on console
9 years ago
Hello Joe i am post hole code but some changes into struts.xml file so that new runtime exception show on tomcat console is as follow but my hole code is same but only changes in xml :

My struts.xml is follow:

please please joe see my hole post with exception,java code , jsp and xml mapping file
9 years ago
Hello everyone,
I am develop a large project using spring 3.0 and hibernate 3.0 technology in that i have use @controller class but my application is web based and no of process and billing generation process i am use in a application. so my problem is that how many @controller class is use in my project or only one @controller class is required for whole application project.
Thank you
9 years ago
thank you joe for reply,
already i am send to you my exception on jsp page not exception on tomcat console again i am paste jsp page exception and tomcat 7.0 console:
jsp page exception is:

Tomcat 7.0 console is:

9 years ago

Sorry Joe you are right actually some changes in my TenderDAOImpl class so line number 30 is exception occured.
Joe please explain me why this error is occured because same program logic use in that file create to drive not use and my post code drive create file logic use but whithout file create insert record successfully but Posted program not run and gives exception in line number 30
Please reply me.
9 years ago


joe My class is as follow but exception occured at line 29 which transaction.rollback(); i know way error is occured because id which is auto generated when new record is
pass to session.saveOrUpdate(tender); the null id i.e. primary key is passed but when new record insert into database auto increment key is genrated that is reason but how can solve this problem

9 years ago
Thank you Joe Ess for reply,
I am write catch() code for exception handling but i am replace that code and write previous but exception is occured as:
9 years ago
Thank you Joe Ess for reply,

In i am add candition if (transaction != null) the stack trace or Apache tomcat 7.0 not gives any error but struts.xml file <result name="input"> tag gives same page with no error my dao changes and stack trace/Console is follows

i am past all my code previous post see that and my jar file see then attachement
9 years ago

Hello every one,
My problem is that , when i am insert a new record to database using struts2 and hibernate3 a null pointer exception is given because my database one id is generate when new record insert which is auto increment when insert new record null id pass and same time file upload to drive successful but record not insert into a Mysql 5.0.5 database my tomcat server gives exception is as follow:

My jsp is:

My struts.xml file is:

My hibernate.cfg.xml is:

My Action class is

My bean class is :

My DAO i.e. database connectivity class is:

Please give me solution i am facing that problem from 3 days
Thank you
9 years ago