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Recent posts by Stuart A. Burkett

david luis wrote:Yes, but I dont have any .pro file. I'm working with eclipse.

So don't use that option.
If there's no file, there's no point in telling proguard to get options from it.
10 years ago

Grace Loughran wrote:I mean I intended to add it to my previous thread but I wasnt sure if people would see it if you know what i mean

Which could also mean people wasting their time giving you answers that you had already been given in the other thread.
10 years ago
@ is a shorthand form of the -include option, which allows you to specify a file in which more configuration options can be found.
So you are telling proguard to use the configuration options specified in the file That's the file it can't find, because as you can see from your directory listing, it doesn't exist.
10 years ago

david luis wrote:it says me that dont find the file.

Doesn't find which file ? Copy and paste the exact error message.
10 years ago

daniel kidanee wrote:how do I make the program on the second loop make to read the values in reverse order?
do you have any suggestions?

Look at the logic of your for loop. You set i to be one less than the length of the array. You then check if i is less than or equal to zero. That will only ever be true for an array of length 0 or 1.
Also, why are you reading numbers in again in the second loop. You already have the numbers, you just need to print them.
10 years ago
As far as I can see, this has nothing to do with static and non-static methods.
The Stampa class does not contain variables called d1, d2 and d3, so the compiler complains. This will happen whether the stampa() method is static or not.
In your second piece of code, you have moved the print statements to the main method of the Dimostra class and variables called d1, d2 and d3 do exist there.
10 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Winston Gutkowski wrote: . . . (and before Campbell wades in ) . . .

You're a bit late for that.

I still disagree about the bit about == true.
b == true is in itself a boolean expression, so that would have to be b == true == true
And that is a boolean so it becomes b == true == true == true
Etc, etc.

I was being a bit lazy. What I should have written was
10 years ago

Christopher Laurenzano wrote:It's line 21; when I saw this I got confused -- I guess I don't understand it -- while what is true?

The general form of a while loop is

Now, a boolean expression is something that evaluates to true or false, so
x == 1 is a boolean expression
6 < 9 is a boolean expression

true is also a boolean expression (because it evaluates to true), so your while loop is actually saying

And as true is always true, you have a potential infinite loop. The only way to exit the loop is with a break or return statement.

10 years ago

Dmitriy Birukov wrote:GuessGame game^ - new GuessGame();

Well that's not valid Java code. It should be something like
10 years ago

kathir Pitchaimani wrote:But see nothing in notepad or any other editor.

Notepad won't show non-printable characters. Did you try a hex editor like William suggested ?
10 years ago

Casey Clayton wrote:The last project consisted of getting some basic info from a string and formatting it, nothing like this.

Well the first step in this one is exactly that. Before you can do anything with the data, you need to extract the relevant information from the strings.
So your first step should be to print out the data from each line.
So try completing this simple program first

Note that your csv file actually appears to be tab separated. So you can use the String.split() with '\t' specified as the separator to break up each line.
10 years ago
So what's your question ?
10 years ago

nil wangad wrote:how to create dynamic string array if we dont know number of strings in the beginning?

Does it have to be an array ? This is the sort of thing an ArrayList was designed for.
10 years ago
Do you have a blank line at the end of the manifest file ?
The end-of-file marker must not be on the same line as the Main-Class attribute.
10 years ago

Oceas Anderson wrote:I'm needing to do a encryption for each letter but plaintText.input.nextChar() doesn't seem to exist the ("nextChar()") part.

After reading in each line as a String, just use the String.toCharArray method to get an array of chars. Or you can use the String.getCharAt method to get each character individually.
10 years ago