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Hi Santosh,

Just to confirm, this is a new application your team is looking to develop and not migrating existing applications? When it comes to new application development, while there are pros and cons to every option, developing applications on java heavily outweighs developing applications on Forms. If we're talking about migrating forms apps to java, that is a different story I do have some pro's con's for you below. To give you a little background, my company (PITSS) specializes in Oracle Forms Modernization and ADF Development, so this is a common question I hear all the time.

Its interesting your organization is considering on using the forms developers for the application development. However, even if your team has forms developers and you persue java, the transition difficulty from Forms to Java development can be significantly lessened with developing java applications via JDeveloper and ADF Framework than simply moving to IDE and frameworks like Eclipse and J2EE etc. Oracle offers classes just to transition Forms Developers to JDeveloper and ADF.

New Development on Java:
  • Can utilize the Model-View-Controller methodology of writing your applications for improved performance, lower maintenance, and object re-usability
  • Take advantage of latest web standards
  • Lowest Amount Administration spent on End-Client Deployment - Java web apps browser requirements are very low
  • Can develop more functional and slicker user interfaces
  • Large Support Community
  • Large Development Community
  • Large Technology Base - Large number of libraries/classes and integration with various development technologies empowers developers to fullfill almost any usecase
  • Decreased Application Server resource usage

  • Cons:
  • Increased Training Costs with bringing Forms Developers up to speed
  • Application Development Costs can be larger vs developing Forms applications
  • Decreased Application performance for "power users" could be noticable vs using Forms applications

  • New Development on Forms
  • Rapid Application Development - familiar development environment for existing developers
  • No Training Required - lower development/training costs
  • Increased performance for "power users"

  • Cons:
  • Old Framework
  • Increased End-Client Deployment/Administration - Forms applications are more picky on what browsers and JRE versions are deployed on end-client's machines
  • Increased application server resource usage
  • Can not utilize Model View Controller methodology
  • Increased Maintenance Costs
  • Limited technology base - applications are written in pl/sql and the Forms framework itself has limitations on functionality and user-interface design
  • Application objects are not as re-usable as java application objects are

  • I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, let me know. Feel free to contact my team via contact form at I hope your project goes well

    Thank you,

    PITSS |
    9 years ago