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Miguel Melo

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since Jun 04, 2012
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Recent posts by Miguel Melo

Hi William,

My name is Miguel Melo and I’m the Community Manager at OutSystems. Hope you’re ok!

Your post here caught my attention on the media stream alert a few days ago. Still, as a long-time member of many other communities, I know how people in online communities feel – and most of the time quite rightly so – towards first-time posters that are on the payroll of any company being discussed. Therefore I opted to wait before replying so people already here in JavaRanch would get right of first reply/replies with their opinion on the OutSystems Agile Platform.

Since no one posted yet, though, I didn’t want to err on the side of caution and not say that I am (and I’m sure the rest of the OutSystems Community is) here for you in case you want to ask any questions or discuss any preoccupations you may have.

I don’t know how many senior ranchers may be interested or indeed users of the OutSystems tech – I would love to hear from them – but should you want to pose any hard questions to people with day-to-day experience using the platform I would like to cordially invite you to visit us in the OutSystems Community Forums and just fire away. Our users there are a really enthusiastic (but not blinkered) crowd and reply turnaround is generally a couple or so hours.

If you want to discuss some more on Ranch grounds however, I promise to “Be Nice” (as per JavaRanch’s cool Registration Agreement!) and not hard sell anything.

Hope to hear from you in either place!