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I used Jude for all the artifacts.


Question) I assume a segment means from one city to another city without stopover.Am i right? what do you mean by leg? I think one flight can serve one segment and same flight or another flight can serve for another segment, is that called leg?

Response) That is not the definition i used for segment. There is no 1 correct design, its all depends upon the assumptions you make and then be consistent.


Question) A customer can travel directly from city A to city B OR he can travel to from A to C and C-B. In your assignment have to consider break journey options (A-C and C-B) and how did you handle this scenario?

Response) Yeah i did take care of the break flight. I think we cannot leave this out of design as there can always be a situation where flight route from A to X is not direct but is through other cities. Think of terms segment and leg and see how you can use them to come up with break flight? The same can be achieved with "n" # of designs.

Question) Suppose I would like to add one more Domain class between Itinerary and Segment. I am not changing any cardinality between the existing domain classes as provided. So will this be a extending the BDM or changing the BDM?

Response) Yep this will be extending the BDM.

Take care
Thanks Karim for the wishes.

Question) I have just one question on the component diagram. When I went through the reqruirements, I get a feeling that there are at least three seperate components in the system 1) Customer Management 2) Itinerary Management 3) SearchFlightsProcessor..and so three component diagrams..

Response) Well i only had 1 component diagram, i think several other ranchers did have more than 1 component diagram and they also have achieved good marks, i think the point is whether you have got your design right or not, whether it is 1 or more than 1 component diagram.

Question) Did you specify the names of the Jsps ( with JSP shown in Component diagram) as per the requirements or just one component stating a web UI with a comment ?

Response) I just showed 1 component for that and added a note for the specific jsp names.

Question) To what level Component Diagram abstracted the internal details.. for ex: The system can have FlighDAO which can internally have relationship with EquipmentDAO which is related to SeatDAO.Did your component diagram show Flight,Equiment,Seat DAOs or only FlightDAO with a comment?

Response) i dont think you need to go in that kind of detail, you can provide a single dao and have some comments to it to convey your design.

Question) In case of both web client and thick client , Did you just specify that each will have seperate controller with a appropriate stereotype ?

Response) If you are referring to front controller, my travel agent application design interaction was directly with business tier so dint had that design for thick client.

My first question was little different. Is it okay if I just show web controller and ejb controller in various sequence diagrams of web app? I've other supporting classes to achieve MVC pattern. But I feel its difficult to show each scenario with all the MVC classes in sequence diagram. What do you say?
Response) The most important thing is be consistent, i think you can put some comments around these controllers, if you want to go one step more you can provide 1 generic seq diagram which shows the interaction betweeen controller and other supporting classes which you dont want to repeat in ur seq diagram

Hi VJ,
Did you mention the protocol name/names (HTTPS) in component diagram?
How did you represent the Interface in component diagram (Lollipop Notation)?

Response) I did not mention the protocol in the component diagram and yes i did represented the interface in the component diagram with lollipop notation.

Congrats Arvind!! Great Score!!
Congrats Francesco !!

Hi Parag,

The "Pay Itinerary" use case was too big to handle in the same diagram, so i had 1 for credit card and the other one for mileage system and for all other use cases i handled the alternate flow(if any) within the same diagram. I think you can do whatever you feel but make sure to be consistent and dont deviate from UML standard( i think this should not happen as you will use some UML tool)

Hi Vaithiya,

The phrase "Customer selects seats" can have several meanings depending upon your assumption.

for example

a) Can a customer book seats for more than 1 passenger like his/her family members?

b) That phrase could also mean like that customer has to select "seats" for every part of the journey and that will depend how you have defined the segment and flight

c) will you hold the seat even if you have not paid for the itinerary?

So basically take it from your assumptions and dont worry too much about seat number ( this is just an identifer for the seat) but you need to get your assumption and definition of various terms consistent.

Thanks Suman forthe wishes.

Question) When you draw sequence diagrams, did you mention the MVC pattern related classes (servlet, controller, dispatcher etc.) in each sequence diagram? I hope it is not needed. How did you avoid (abstracted) them in your sequence diagrams.

Response) Yeah my sequense diagrams were for web app only and i did showed the components which were present in my component diagram, like controller etc.I dont think there is any hard and fast rule, but the point is UML digarms should be correct and they should fulfill the requirements, may be one can combine all these components as 1 and put some comment out there.

Question)Did you group the classes by name spaces (packages). If so how did you show them on class diagram. I can show that in a package diagram. But thinking of avoiding package diagram.

Response) I did not show the packages.I just followed the BDM and placed them in the way where it doesnt look confusing.

Question)Isn't it enough to show business model in class diagram. Do we need to add all web tier classes as well in the class diagram?

Response) I did not add any technology related classes except some service classes, followed the Cade.

Question) Did you have a different set of sequence diagrams to prove that your design works for thick client as well?

Response)Nope i just have one generic diagram for travel agent application
and just added some comments as the business tier was same in my design for both the web app and thick client.

Question)Did you assume the existance of some SLSB in milage system to show in the class diagram? If no, how did you represent this component in class diagram?

Response)I think that you have to design, since you cannot modify that system as such, so think how you can access that system and then add that class in there.Make some assumptions.

Thanks Vinays for the wishes.

Well i created all thesequence diagrams for the web based system and just 1 seq diagram for the travel agent application. The way i designed was that the business tier was same for both the web based and travel agent application, and then created 1 generic seq diagram for travel agent. I only showed couple of classes for the user interface side and mentioned that the same business tier will be used as for the web based system. Adding travel agent application as alternate flow would really complicate the diagrams a lot, thats my point of view, theres no harm in doing that but its your call.

I did not create an overall architecture or deployment diagram, only the ones i have mentioned in my first post

Thanks Raj for the wishes.

For the preparation take a look at various resources mentioned in the SCEA links of this web site, .
Having some experience always helps, before i gave this exam i did the OOAD with UML exam and that kinda helped me a lot from the design perspective. Do a good reading/understanding of Gang Of Four books regarding design patterns, its a nice one and i also referred to the various resources mentioned in the above link.

Hi Parag,
Thanks a lot.

Question) I have a question. In your assignment departure date/time and arrival date/time were part of Segment or Flight class?

Response) It all depends on your design and how you have defined the flight and segment.Either one of them can have these attributes but the key is how you have defined them. My class diagram did not have any attributes and methods, but i did describe the purpose of each classes in the diagram and document which i had submitted.