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Recent posts by Angus Ferguson

Are you working in a 32-bit system or 64-bit one?
1 month ago
Is maybe using the  Method substring() an option you would like to consider?
1 month ago
Independently of the try-catch issue.

myProcess() is a method so it should be preceded of an instance of the class in which it is implemented.


I assume this was already clear to you, isn't it?

On the other hand, the try-catch looks ok to me, just the format isn't.
2 months ago
Please, could you add the logs in a post, something like this depending on your configuration?

Also from the console, you can try to run this depending again on your machine configuration.



Please let me know if it helps.

2 months ago
I think that the error happens inside DirectX library.

Try to reinstall the graphics driver.

Switch off graphics card utilities.

Set J2D_D3D=false environment variable.

2 months ago
Yes please, could we see the code and error?
2 months ago
Yes that should work from Class B
2 months ago
I am not sure if I got it.

Do you mean create Class A which is in package pkj3? Which is within pkj2 which contains Class B?

So pkj3 contains Class A and pkj2 (which contains Class B)?
2 months ago

This problem has been solved.

2 months ago
I am trying to replicate your app, could you share the whole code, please?
2 months ago
Firstly, it is a Hibernate Error handled by org.hibernate.engine and has nothing to do with Spring Boot.

Are you loading huge amounts of data?

Have you mapped a one-to-many association which has many child entities?
2 months ago
If you share the code you are using for running it please, I could replicate the behavior and see where the issue is.
2 months ago

Do you know already about private attributes, classes, methods, arrays,... or you are totally new to programming?
2 months ago
I haven't replicated the code but I think that the method is not using custArray properly, please have a look at this code, it is using custArray;

On the other hand, you need to have a class called Customer with a member "ID". Then in order to call the method "searchCustomerByID" maybe the best is to write a run method as explained on this post.
3 months ago