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Recent posts by sairam Kukudala

I just wanted to know how NetBeans is better than the eclipse/Myeclipse IDE's.

Why should i choose NetBeans IDE as my workbench?
Thanks Wendy,

My issue is resolved with db2cc.jar file.
Steps i followed:

Websphere admin consele>Resources>JDBC providers>select all scopes>New> Provide the requied inforamtion and it asked me for db2cc.jar and db2jcc_license_cu.jar location and provided the path of jar files.

I just chekout the same code which is running in production. Exceptions is occuring while converting integer list to sql arry types.
Thanks for your reply Wendy...

Actually this exception is getting in my local machine only. But in QA/Prod boxes its working fine.

After your last post i downloaded db2cc.jar, db2jcc_license_cu-9.7.2.jar and add to my lib. Even i am facing the same issue. Please suggest...!
Can't i upgrade my jdbc driver version? If yes How..?

I am using squirrel sql client to connect to DB2. I am able to connect successfully. But when i try to run any sql query then i am getting below error. Please help to resolve this. Thanks..!

Error: DatabaseMetaData information is not known for server DB2/AIX64SQL09073 by this version of JDBC driver
SQLState: null
ErrorCode: -99999
Hi Rob,

Thanks for reply..!

I am using JDBC driver version : 2.7.58. Doesn't it support for Types.Array? If not which version will support ? How can i upgrade my JDBC driver?
Did you get the solution? I am facing the same issue....!
7 years ago
Hi All,

I am getting below error when i am using Websphere6.1

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Context: xyz-3Node02Cell/nodes/xyz-3Node02/servers/server1, name: jms/PROMOQCF: First component in name jms/PROMOQCF not found. [Root exception is org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage.NotFound:]
at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup(

Please suggest me to resolve this...!
Thanks in advance...!
7 years ago
Hi All,

pardon me if this post is not related to this forum and also suggest where i can post this if its not here.

I need to convert list to sql Array type so i am calling stored procedure. It contains 2 in parameters(varchar, integer) and one out(Array). When i am calling

Exception----- Jdbc type 2003 not yet supported.

Please advise me how i can resolve this exception. Thanks in advance....![/color]

William P O'Sullivan wrote:Set your PATH correctly.

At the command prompt, type: java -version

What do you get?

Also, be very very careful of spaces in environment variables, e.g: "program files".
Surround with quotes " to be on the safe side, or use a custom install and put jdk1.5 in
something like "c:\jdk-1.5" etc..

Also look for JAVA_HOME, JAVA_OPTS etc.


when i set the path at command prompt always i am getting jdk1.4 and i am sure about the path(copy and paste)
8 years ago
In my system jdk1.4 is installed and path set to jdk1.4 version in System variables. But when i try to lanch the eclipse3.4 its giving the error message like could not open use jdk1.4 or later version.

I installed java1.5 version and set the path in user variables like

first time i used PATH=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_16\bin and second time PATH=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_16 in both cases getting the same problem

Please give me the solution to run the java programs and lanch the eclipse

FYI: I dont have access rights to change the system variables
8 years ago
Hi All,

Recently i got striked a question that why equals(), hashcode(), wait(), notify(), notifyAll() etc.. methods are declared inside the Object class and why not other classes? Is there any specific reason.

Object class is base class of all other classes. Is it only the reason or any other reasons?
I have a class called Empoyee like as below:


private id;
private name;

//setters and getters to id and name


I need to store Employee type object into list

List<Employee> emplist = new ArrayList<Employee>();

Here do we need to take any precaution either class declaration or inside list declaraion? Please answer...!