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I think this about Stateless/Servlet Vs Stateful.

I would say here if you have single transaction which will be completed on single call i.e if your tansaction is going to compelte on single call from client then better to use stateless/servlet because there wont anything like conversational state, where as with stateful if you have number of call from single client and a single transaction not possible to complete on method call , then recommended to use stateful.

And I think resouce management is not about which one is heavy and which is not. You can get down your apps performance down by using stateless.

WizLab giving this "C", but Sun will say "C & D"
Hi All,

I purchased 2 books form, in oct first week but yet not recevied, I'm staying in India, so any one could provide me email or contact id for same. I confirmed with by visa bank that they charged against my card.

So Please...Please give me some idea about how findout.

17 years ago

Thanks for help, you are so nice.

I found the "Authorized Sun Education Center" from where you could purchase part 2 assignment. Please find the below list.

India Training Centers

Sun Microsystems India Ptv Ltd
6th Floor, Prestige Obelisk,
No.3, Kasturba Road,
Bangalore 560 001, India
DID: (91-80) 5693-0836
Tel: (91-80) 5693-0600 Ext: 89836
Fax: (91-80) 5693-0655 / 66
Toll Free Line : 1-600-425-1234
Email: and

Sun Education Centre
Aptech Limited
C Wing 6th floor Mittal Towers
M.G. Road
Bangalore 560 001, India
Tel: (91-80) 2558-5542 / 45
Fax: (91-80) 2558-5545

R.C.S Education
4th Floor, Anchorage Court
Opp. Brigade Towers, Brigade Road
Vellara Junction, Ashok Nagar
Bangalore 560 025, India
Tel: (91-80) 2554-0173 / 2536-1911
Fax: (91-80) 2554-7482
Email: (Mr. Prasad)

Indian Institute of Hardware Technology Ltd
No.15, 4th floor Shree Lakshmi complex
Opp. Browing Institute, St. Marks Road
Bangalore 560 001, India
Tel: (91-80) 5136-7777
Fax: (91-80) 2229-8989

Sun Education Centre
CMC Limited
CMC House C-18
Bandra-Kurla Complex
Mumbai 400 051, India
Tel: (91-22) 2659-1085
Fax: (91-22) (91-80) 2659-1274

Tech Knowledge
Shree Sound Studio's Compound
2nd Floor, Madhavdas Pasta Road
Behind Chitra Cinema, Dadar East
Mumbai 400 014, India
Tel: (91-22) 2418-1704 / 1529 / 1637
Fax: (91-22) 2413-4691 / 2460-6556

Indian Institute of Hardware Technology Ltd.
No. 401, Shoppers Point
S.V.Road, Andheri(w)
Mumbai 400 059, India
Tel: (91-22) 2624-4174
Fax: (91-22) 2624-7002

New Delhi
Sun Education Center
Aptech Limited
A-13, Ring Road
South Extn. Part-I
New Delhi 110 049, India
Tel: (91-11) 5164-6648 / 49
Fax: (91-11) 5164-6648

Silicon Comnet Pvt. Ltd
16/8, WEA Arya Samaj Road
Karol Bagh, New Delhi 110 005, India
Tel: (91-11) 2571-0435 / 2573-1534
Fax: (91-11) 2576-1137 / 2575-0384

No 37, First Floor
First Main Road
Gandhi Nagar
Chennai 600 020, India
Tel: (91-44) 2441-3444 / 2442-0901
Fax: (91-44) 2446-0147

Score Infovision International Ltd
Kankaria Mansion,2, Camac Street,
Kolkata 700 016,
West Bengal (India)
Tel: (91-33) 2217-4295 / 2216-8502
Fax: (91-33) 2217-7596

Ground Floor, Ghatate Building
Near Law College Square
W.H.C. Road, Dharampeth
Nagpur 440 011, India
Tel: (91-71) 2255-3939 / 2254-5252


To view other available locations nearer to you click here

To find other "Authorized Sun Education Center" in Asia click here
Hey Indians,

Anyone form india purchased assignment, please tell how you done it ?

- Sanjay
I read ur free pdf sample chapter available on i.e frist edition, but those hardly have any case studies which explain those design pattern, as i seen most of time developers did not able fellow design pattern as what they say totally .
If there are any case studies with design patteren then developers may understand get to know how,where and when use this design patteren.
With Best Regards,
Hey Kathy ...

Those are very cool T-Shirt displayed on '',I may go for Hooded Sweatshirt..
See u soon with Beta Results..Best Of luck to all 'Beat Tester'
And one more Request can Sun arrange JavaONE conference in India.
Hello...Job Searchers..
We have urgent requirment of java developer, following are to be known by candidate. If ur intersted then just call on following given number or send ur resume to below mailed address with reference of Sanjay Jadhav

Technologies :- Core Java,JSP,Servlet,MVC(design pattern)
Exprience :- 1+
SCJP will be plus point.

About My Company just follow this link
Following is postal address of my company
Balaji Inter Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.
62-D, Bansilal Motilal Mansion,
Opera House,Girgaum Rd,
Mumbai-400 004.INDIA
Tel : +91-022-56393794/56310507
Fax : +91-022-23808500
With best reagrds,
19 years ago
hello Kathy Sierra,
Thats very cool to hear this ,

Once the analysis is done and the scores are read (at LEAST six weeks), then if you passed, you become certified with no difference between a beta certification and a 'real' certification, as far as Sun or Prometric are concerned.

Hey Tina there is no such thing regards to registering your exam, tell this to Thomson Prometric, as this knid of resion is not allowed, as on only public holiday like 26 jan are considered.
Mumbai (8921)
Prometric Testing (P) Ltd.
Marwah House, Saki Vihar Road,
Saki Naka, Andheri (E)
Mumbai � 400072
Ph: 91-22-28573160 / 28573171
Then there will no prob,
Still registered with other prometirc centre.
I facing the while reading and writing binary files to tomcat 3.1 web server .
I will be very kind if any body from your side help me out.
I had which upload file to server using . This same being used by c++ application also . As the take any type of file from user and call for upload to server, As this works very well with non-binary files, but when I pass binary files like & compress files gets when send to server by .
About the it takes from database create connection with that and then pass this file as string object to and in last upload file to tomcat 3.1 web server. This same is used by VB application to upload files from there application and it works fine.
With best ,
Sun Certified Programmer.
The (c++) is as follows
int32 (char *, char *)// {
= ();
return 0;
return 0;
if(!("","","(//String;//", ,))
return 0;
return 1;
And which upload to server is follows
public static void (String , String )
throws {
= new ();
= null;
= new ();
try {
= .();
} catch (Exception ) {
Logger.error(Logger.SERVER_LOG, "Cannot connect to server");
throw new ();
if ( == null) {
throw ; }
String = ._();
in = null;
String data = null;
byte[] ;
try {
= new ( + File.separator + , "");
= new byte[(int) .length()];
data = new String();
} catch (Exception ) {
Logger.error(Logger.SERVER_LOG, "local file not found");
throw ;
URL = null;
con = null;
try {
= new URL();
con = .();
con.("Content-Type", "/form-=------------------------12012133613061");
System.out.( + File.separator + );
out = new (con.());
out.print("--------------------------12012133613061" + '\n');
out.print("Accept: */*"+'\n');
out.print("Content-Disposition: form-data; name=\"Filename\"; filename=\""
+ + File.separator + + "\"" + '\n');
out.print("Content-Type: /form-data" + '\n' + '\n');
out.print(data + '\n' + '\n');
} catch (Exception ) {
Logger.error(Logger.SERVER_LOG, "Cannot connect to server");
throw ;
= null;
try {
= con.();
} catch (Exception 2) {
try {
int length = 0, read = 0;
byte[] = new byte[(int) .length()];
= new ();
while ((read = .read()) != -1)
.append(new String());
con = null;
if ( == null)
if (.().("FILE_UPLOAD_FAILED") > 0) {
throw ; }
} catch (Exception 2) {
which upload the file to tomcat web server
protected void ( request, response)
throws Exception, {
String filename = request.("filename");
if (filename != null && filename.trim().length() != 0)
= true;
= false;
String path = this.().("");
if (!) {
parser = null;
try {
parser =
new (request, request.(), false, false, null);
} catch (Exception e) {
Part part = parser.();
File file = null;
while (part != null) {
if (part.()) {
file = new File(path + .().());
(() part).(file);
part = parser.();
} else {
if ((filename))
/** About
* A utility class to handle <code>/form-data</code> requests,
* the kind of requests that support file uploads. This class uses a
* "pull" model where the reading of incoming files and parameters is
* controlled by the client code, which allows incoming files to be stored
* into any <code></code>.
/** About Part
* A <code>Part</code> is an abstract upload part which represents an
* <code>INPUT</code> form element in a <code>/form-data</code> form
* submission.
/** About
* A <code></code> is an upload part which represents a
* <code>INPUT TYPE="file"</code> form parameter. Note that because file
* upload data arrives via a single , each 's contents
* must be read before moving onto the next part. Don't try to store a
* object for later processing because by then their content will
* have been passed by.
19 years ago
Evelyn Cartagena please explain this ....
Did the voucher are given to more than 400 candidates, Then peoples how registered for exam say on 6th of july what will happen to them, even they registered so early but giving exam in last, and why this first 400, why not only 400 cadidates.
And if you given more than 400 vouchers then person registered earlier but takeing exam in last may be losser, and this not fare with him/her.
I just want to know who going to lose this opprtunity, and if only first 400 candidate is an issue then tell me why this kind of policy?
Be open minded
Hello guies,
Tell me how is java web services more effective than .net web services.
How did your book give the viwe of this issue.
In in simple sence why should i go for .Net.
with best regards,
19 years ago
Hi Jack,
Thanks for your kind reply for my request.
1> How to integrate with 3rd party libraries, which have conflicting classes, how to use remote stubs, etc. (this is about j2ee duplicate class loading)
2> Here is the code which some time hung on cs.executeUpdate(), why it is so. as the currentConnection is from ConnectionPool. as im using Visual Age, in debug mode it stop on this 'cs.executeUpdate()' statement.

[ May 02, 2003: Message edited by: Sanjay Jadhav ]
19 years ago
Hi Jack can u answerd my "Make the Java perform well (Java Performance Tunning)" thread.
I will be glad if i get the response to that

with best regards,
sanjay jadhav
19 years ago
Hi guies,
This the repeate of posting from Topic: This week's giveaway!.
Is as follows.
Hi Jack,
Good to see u here.
I had questions for you.
1> How did the duplication of class loading make java perform slow ?
2> At what extend did the reusability of object is ok, or why not developer use cloned objects instead ?
3> Did you have any good example for jdbc connection pooling for server-side, can be use with servlet/jsp developded MVC model ?
4> how about cache more than 10000 records and putting it in session and make available all over the web application, and what will if i have 5 such cache which is in there respective session so in my current jsp i can access required data from those session (It is about e-commerce application on which im working).
5> Can i get sample chapters in pdf format from you book to get idea about your book.
with best regards,
19 years ago