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Recent posts by naval kumar

I m working struts2 in jboss  and Using three type of Tag in my Jsp
1- <s:textfield key="username" /> its working fine
2- <s:textfield key="global.username" name="username"/> its also working fine
3- but in this tag <s:textfield key="global.username" />
  in the 3rd  have defined the global.username=User Name in my file and make getter setter of userName in my  
but still its giving error
16:14:39,092 WARN  [com.opensymphony.xwork2.ognl.OgnlValueStack] (default task-4) Error setting value: ognl.OgnlException: target is null for setProperty(null, "username", [Ljava.lang.String;@4718fae3)
at ognl.OgnlRuntime.setProperty(
at ognl.ASTProperty.setValueBody(
at ognl.SimpleNode.evaluateSetValueBody(
at ognl.SimpleNode.setValue(

can you please tell me when should i use the 3rd number type of tag and how can i use?? and make getter and setter in action.
8 years ago
Dear I am Using Struts Framework (Struts 1.0.2) and i have define on jsp Two applet tag Like below

The Problem is this That Its working with the Some jre version like but Its not working With The Some JRe 1.6 version and Never Work With jre 1.7.

So Can you Please help me How can I use These Two applet tag on jsp so its can work with All the JRE versions.
10 years ago
because my Application is currently running on struts 1.0 and its live application so it could be very difficult to convert on 2.0
10 years ago
Struts version 1 . As i was Thinking That I will Give the Path of Web server path location In File and write the pdf file on that location. But Its not i good strategies to do it . because from this the Most of traffic will be on Network App server then Write The File On web server.
10 years ago
Sir, I am using struts framework and want to Upload The file on web Server Through My Application server Java File.

Example:- my Domain is like "" and i want to upload from the Application server Java file ( to on Web server folder (meter/pdf_file/..).how can i do it?? Please provide me Code or Suggestion. My Application and Web server is different and both have different Ip Address.
10 years ago
Dear Sir,
I have To rename the File 123.pdf with The 123_userId.pdf.

I have seen the code

But I want To Rename the File With the Existing Name+"-"+DynamicUserID.pdf ( Example 123.pdf with 123_5122.pdf)
10 years ago
Dear Sir i have code like that

Actully at the time of page load my myfun() is calling and the through "setInterval(function(){showStatus('applicationServer')},60000);" and Ajax function is Also calling after 60 seconds Still now i have No problem Because i have used setInterval so its again call "showStatus" function But In the Log My Action is calling again and again But response is coming null
Its Againg Create problem I have One Function like and i want to call this function

from this function again and again
Dear Sir,
I have to call 3 Function After Set a time Of Interval How can I call It. Like On The page Load I am calling and From This function onloadfun() i want to call these function After Specific Time Interval like After 6 seconds . But My Problem is that After Setting Time Interval in function. My Only One function is called again and again But reaming Two function is not calling.
Dear Sir, I have done as you Said Accordingly ( Eclipse->Preferences->Java->Installed JREs->Add) I have Given the path Of Installed JDk 1.7. and i have Seleclected the Check Box as Default but still Is showing (windows->preferences-java-compiler) in drop down as 1.3 Or 1.4 Not Showing 1.7. But Today I am Using Latest version of eclipse JUNO It showing 1.3,1.4,1.5,1.6,1.7. And I have Selected 1.7.

Dear Sir One more thing As you said its Take my system JDK but In my laptop ,there is not 1.3 Then Why Its showing 1.3 Or 1.5 In dropDown Or There Is no Effect To Choosen 1.3 Or 1.4 Its depend On the JRE Which The Eclipse is Using??
Dear Sir, I Am Facing Some Problem In Eclipse
1- IS the Eclipse Has its Own Compiler(Like javac) and its can be seen inside of windows->preferences-java-compiler??
2-Its Different From Installed Javac Comiler as i Read Then Why Should I Need to Installed java Before Eclipse IDE Using?
3- If I installed Java Version 1.7 In MY Machine Then Can I change The Compiler Of Eclipse Or It Will Use Its Own Compiler and How?
I have Problem When I am making Common Function Of ResultSet.Actully I want To Call This Function From Different Function To get The Result Set. Like

But Problem Is that If i Will Get The Result Set Its Shwoing Nothing Beacuse i Have Close the Connection Here of databsase and Result set.If if Will Close The Resultset and database connection From The Calling Function Then I got Some more Issue that I have to setAttribut of Resulset On servlet and Get This On JSp So I can not Close the resultset On servlet If i Do like It then How Can i Close the database Connection And Result set Connection.Otherwise Lot of Resultset and database Connection Will Open.
I am doing open By two Different Browser and i am Using WebSphere Application Server So please Tell me How Can I use URL Rewriting In My application and What should I have to pass From each and Every Link Or No need Such Type of Things The Application server will handle itself.
11 years ago
Dear Sir,
I am getting problem in session management In my application Like if i logged in with two different users and At the time of Log out I invalidate the Session But My always first user is log out while i am doing log out the Second user.I am Using URL rewriting technique.

So sir Tell me 2 Things
1- In My Application I have Lot of Hyperlink At Right and Left Navigation of the Logged in User .So i have to Pass The Some parameter Through Each and Every Hyper Link So that Application Server recognize that the Request Come From The Same user??

2-I am Doing at the login time "request.getsession(true); session.setAttribute("username",username); And the Time of Log Out I am doing "session.removeAttribute("username");session.invalidate()"
So What i have to pass from the each and every Link to maintain the session By the User??? and how??
11 years ago
i am converting my whole application on Tomcat. So When i am doing copy paste the web.xml as it is , it is giving error The requested resource (/resume/) is not available..But if i m Doing One by One calling Servlet Its working Fine So i want to Ask One things that At the time of running tomcat First Search All the Entry Of web.xml is it exist or not?? Means It serch all the entry inside of this??

But if am doing entry one by one in web.xml and copy paste the struts-config.xml All The Entry , Then It is not showing the error.
11 years ago