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Recent posts by Mihai Boisteanu

1) What exactly is creating the Foo object? Is it the syntax new Foo by itself or Foo f = new Foo.
2) When you say this is declaring an instance variable, I would like to know how is this so because I'm still a little confused about reference variables.

1. It is the sintax new Foo(). When you write Foo f = new Foo() you just create a new object Foo and also reference that object with this f.
2. Instance variables are any variables, without "static" field modifier, that are defined within the class body and outside any class's methods body.
The only way you can access an object is through a reference variable. A reference variable is declared to be of a specific type and that type can never be changed. Reference variables can be declared as static variables, instance variables, method parameters, or local variables.

I suggest you start reading some books or some online documentation until you fully understand this.
9 years ago

1) Does the compiler display a StackOverflowError message in the original code because of recursion or is it something else?
2) If it is recursion, how is the code "calling itself"?
3) When I assign the reference variable locally (although, I did not use it) like in solution 2, why does the compiler display the result twice?

1. Yes, it displays because of a recursion error.
2. Well like this: we create a new Foo object and when this object is created a new Foo object is created "in it", and in this one again another Foo object is created and so on until in explodes... well not the explode part.
3. Because you have created 2 Foo objects so the method doSomething will be called once for every object you have made.
9 years ago
Here is the problem:

You need to add some brackets there because after you test those you always invoke that function again, and again, and again until you get bored to death. So just use some brackets like here and you will be ok:
9 years ago

Semyon Evsei wrote:Hello, I came accross the following example;

I would have thought that the result would be 21. However the result is 20. So what happens to ++?

Let's rewrite that expression to see it better: j = j + j++;
Now, the order is this one:
1) We sum up j + j, those in red.
2) Now the green stuff happen so j++ which means our j is now 11.
3) But, after this expression has been evaluated our j (blue) get the value of the evaluated expression which is the one in red that we calculated in the first step. So j = 20.
That value we had in red is practically stored until we finish evaluating our little expression.
9 years ago

Joshua William wrote:Thanks a lot for all of your replies. I joined freelancer.com and applied for form filling stuff. Went through the Java projects, but most of the projects are about Audio/Video/Face Recongnition, which I don't know.

However, I really expect more replies. Please all, reply.

I wouldn't do those if I were you. Try googling for other websites similar to freelancer.com and see what jobs there are there too. Also, if you see that almost all jobs ask for a specific thing, like in your case, then try to find some materials to learn how to do those. Bottom line on these websites is to always try to get only programming related stuff, things that you find interesting and will actually help your programming career.
9 years ago
Hi. I'm pretty much in your situation too. I'm 21 but I'm in my last year of college, also computer science so I can relate to your concern.
Now, if you really want to get a job at those Big Companies well just knowing very well a lot of programming language is not enough. For example Google. They want people who think a lot, people who work mostly on logical problems for example. I had a teacher who was at their interviews but didn't got the job because, well, you probably know that Google wants young programmers. Well, my teacher said that they don't really care much about how many programming languages you know, 1 usually is enough for them. But they will ask you a lot of sorting, searching and other problems like that. They want to see how you can resolve a problem in the best way possible and then they ask you to resolve it again in a better way. They care not about how much you know but how you think.

So, I guess if you still want to do this, start searching for books in programming logic and start reading. Also get involved in some open source projects, that helps a lot. And try sending them your CV, you never know, they might call you even the next day.
9 years ago
You seem to be a smart person and also you said you have some applications online that you made so you probably have some experience as well. In this case why don't you try some freelancing websites like rentacoder or freelancer.com? You will be making minimum at first until you build up some rep there but after 3-4 projects you will be able to ask as much as you feel you have to get to work on a certain project.
Just think of the benefits:
-no program from 9 to 7;
-payment can even get 2-3 times the normal salary if you get very good fast;
-you have a lot of time to get a degree and another, and another if you want.

Also, please ignore what people like that daughter you mentioned or other people that do not actually understand your situation. When people see they can't get to far or failed to do so, they will drag as many others as they can with them, in this case you. You do not owe nothing to her or the others, it is your life and you will do what you think is right. Period.
9 years ago
I usually use some space related desktop background because when I close or minimize everything that is what I see and calms me a lot. And sometimes I use some quotes on my desktop to make me get bak to work and stop wasting my time with pointless things.
9 years ago