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Recent posts by Neelima Rao

Md. Nazmul,
Thanks alot.........
20 years ago
Thanks Sam & Madhav.........
One more question
I'm planning on buying "More Servlets and JSP's" by Marty Hall and I already have Jason Hunter's "JAVA Servlet Programming" 1st edition.
Now I'm in dilemma should I buy second edition also or 1st edition is enough if I have "More Servlets and JSPs".
Hi All,
I just cleared SCJP and planning on giving SCWCD, but don't know where to start. I've gone thro the Links section you've provided for newbies, but still not sure which Sun's tutorial to start with (there are bunch of tutorials like servlets, JSP, JavaBeans, web components etc). I know I should read all of them, but can someone tell me which one to start with. Again there are whole bunch of books, not sure which one to buy.
Is there a section like prearation tips (like Maha Anna's preparation tips for SCJP). Hope I'm not asking too much..............
can you provide link for the online book "Core Servlets & JSP". I tried in the JavaRanch SCWCD Links section, but couldn't find it.
Thanks Raghav & Rob.......
thought I got A+
20 years ago
In java.awt:
First line says:

TextArea and TextField classes has setColumns(int) and setRows(int) methods !!!

I dont think TextField has setRows(int) method. Only TextArea does.
Thanks Jamal........
Your study notes helped me in the last minute preparation.Those grades are according to Sun?
20 years ago
I passed the exam this morning with 93%!!!
I would like to thank everybody in JavaRanch, its a great resource for Java Certification.
prepared for one and a half months and used RHE, Exam cram and JQ+.
My scores in JQ+ :
JQ+ 1: 68
JQ+ 3: 61
JQ+ 4: 78
JQ+ 5: 66
JQ+ 7: 85
JQ+ 8: 71
JQ+ 9: 76
Marcus1: 91%
Marcus2: 89%
Marcus3: 89%
Guess what, got 57% in Valentin's mock , couldn't concentrate till the end.
Thanks everybody.........
20 years ago
This statement is true only for FileOutputStream.
(Not for FileInputStream)

"If the file does not exist, it is created. If it exists, its contents are reset, unless the appropriate constructor is used to indicate that output should be appended to the file. A SecurityException is thrown if the file does not have write access or it cannot be created.

FileInputStream does not create a new file. If the specified file does not exist, it'll throw a FileNotFoundException.
Hi Jamal,
Congratulations...Your notes is excellent.......
In Overriding section:
3rd point says,

The throws clause of the overriding method must <B>only</B> specify exceptions that are in the throws clause of the overridden method

But an overriding method can also throw exceptions that are subclasses of the exception which is thrown in the overridden method.
In Collections, did you get any questions regarding methods in Collection interfaces?
I dont remember where I read it from, but whenever I come across an "is like" relationship, I assume it as implementing an interface. Similarly "is" for extends.
For example, "Object is like a Component" means Object implements Component.
Is it correct? Could someone please clarify? I know very little about Object-oriented design, so I'm not sure my question makes sense at all.
You can get information about garbage collection of String literals in this discussion:
Hi Ratna,
Congratulations on passing the exam....
Can you tell me where Maha list is? are you talking about the Discussions in Maha's page?