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Recent posts by Shan Kara

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you very much for your reply. Much appreciated !

1) So I assume there's nothing wrong taking that approach since there's a valid reason for it. And nothing stops you taking the exams first and then take the lessons. Right ?

2) Most of the links pointed to * are broken. Following are some of them.

Additionally the link to Prometric is misleading and as I found they don't anymore host any Oracle exams. (correct me if I'm wrong)

If we can publish the correct links to buy the exam vouchers that would be helpful. Also I understood there would be some discounted/offers providing by Oracle and if we can highlight them that would be nice.

Hello Everyone,

I've returned to the Java Ranch after about 14 years since I completed my SCJP2 exam in year 2000.

For so many years I wanted to do my JEA exams but other priorities didn't allow and finally I have decided to go for it.

I've gone through many posts already and the OCMJEA FAQ and still I'm having few questions un-answered. Appreciate if someone can shed a light on them.

1) I understood that we need to go through official Oracle training to get qualify for the exam. Again I've seen many candidates have taken the exams first and then opted to go for the official training. Is this approach recommended ? (Link for any discussion regarding this subject would be appreciated)

2) OCMJEA FAQ area is having some invalid links and wrong information and is there any place that I can find the up-to-date information ?

Thanks in advance,

Congradulations Vani ! It's Superb Score
So many thanks for your Knowledge Sharings.

I'm a Sri Lankan & regular visitor to the JavaRanch.Here in Sri Lanka we have only one Exam Center Which is IDM Software.Most of you may not believe, it will cost around
Rs 23,000 to us to do the SCJP here in Sri Lanka.
Is it possible us to buy the voucher from India & do the exam here.
In 1 .
It seems there will be 2 compile time errors.

I . t haven't initialized as String.
II. method append is not in the String class.
According to my knowledge the answer will be (If stated errors overcomes)

"Hello friend" not "hello friend".Because

has not assigned to the variable s.
i.e : s = s.toLowerCase();
The Answer Should Be d & f
Compiler Errors Will be:
for Line 4,
Error:[18]method append[java.lang.String] not found in class java.lang.String

for Line 6,
not found in class java.lang.String

If it's not please verify...


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Dear Anil,
Please Let Me put my address In you mail Bag..
Thank You,

Many Congradulations AVN..
Send me your materials if you wish.

Hey.. Hey.. Many Congradulations Deepak On your Great Success.
I'm going to put My e-mail address too inside your mail bag.Please send me the JLS & the other stuff.
Many Thanks,


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