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Recent posts by soumya dash

I am working on an application using spring mvc and jquery.

I am getting this error message while selecting another tab and the previous tab is not loaded properly, and only for a fraction of seconds the alert shows up and I am redirected to the requested page.

I have checked the required jquery jtable libraries and everything's getting loaded properly. The capitalization for JSON is also done.

Then where does the problem persist?

Please help me to find out.
10 years ago
I want to integrate Apache Cassandra with my Java applications and services.

Previously I was using sql server for back-end stuffs. What will be the basics things to get started with Cassandra ? How can I sync my old database with Cassandra?

Could you help me to get started with any good tutorial or link?
Any kind of help is appreciated.
11 years ago
I want to create UDH of a message string.

I am doing these following operations:

and the result should be : udhlen=5 so that I'll get the UDH in my desired format.

But, for certain messages, the udhlen is coming negative. I did something to handle the negative value of (int)msgarr[i] yet my purpose is not fulfilled.

I am new in SMS technology. Please help me to improve my code and solve the issue. Thanks in advance.
11 years ago
I want to speed up my update in SQL server 2005.

1.I have clustered the indexes used and dropped unused ones.

2.I have used join instead of sub query.

Any other suggestion to improve the performance?

R. Jain wrote:

soumya dash wrote:i am getting this following error in my JSP page. please help me out.

What is that "," doing there after the last package imported??? Remove that, and you are probably done with the error... :thumbup:

thanks a lot buddy... my issue resolved
11 years ago
i am getting this following error in my JSP page. please help me out.

here is my JSP--

11 years ago
for insert, the pojo obj is mapped. but for update you need to map the Id of that particular row as in delete.. that's what i'm asking how to map that id by submit button.
11 years ago

but how to get the param value from JSP? the values to be passed from jsp to controller so that service class can implement the method with the param passed.
11 years ago
I am new to spring. I am developing a CRUD application using spring jdbc template. I am done with insert and select. but in update am facing some problem.
can anybody provide me a simple example of update and delete using jdbctemplate.
thnks in advance.
11 years ago
I want to fetch some rows from a table while insertion is being done in that same table. while doing this operation,the table is being locked. How can i fix this?

kindly help me out. thnaks in advance.
can any one help me out by providing a sample CRUD application in spring jdbc template and JSP?
11 years ago
now i got this following error:

Context initialization failed: Configuration problem: Unable to locate Spring NamespaceHandler for XML schema namespace []
Offending resource: ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/dispatcher-servlet.xml]
11 years ago

Ashwin Sridhar wrote:Is the slash '/' on line 24 given by mistake.

ohh yes.. i didn't see dat...i thnk now this wil work..thnks for pointing
11 years ago
I am developing an application in spring mvc and hibernate. The error arose when I used validations using annotations. It's in the dispatcher-servlet. I can't figure out the error please help me.

error: Multiple annotations found at this line: - cvc-complex-type.2.3: Element 'beans' cannot have character [children], because the type's content type is element-only.

here's my xml:

11 years ago