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Recent posts by Simon Flynn

Rakesh Roy wrote:Hi guys,

I'm newbie, Worked on Mainframes previously, now migrating to JAVA.

I have Java Complete Ref 8E(Oracle Press). Is that book sufficient to clear OCAJP. Because the book covers all the contents mentioned on the Oracle Website.

Please help out.


That book can only be used as an general introductory material. i highly recommend this as a preparation for the exam:
Thanks Anayonkar, Bert.

That's not really what I was asking for, but it did help me to clear some thoughts. I think the problem does not really matter anymore.

Thanks again.
May I ask how long does it expect for Oracle to upgrade expert level exams to Java 7? Especially two of the Web exams.

I am thinking about studying for OCPJP 6 or OCPJP 7. The topics in JP 7 are kinda interesting: JDBC, Localization, Concurrency package.

But it does not really makes sense to me to take them if the expert level exams are not happening in this year. If that is the case, I need to go back and study which Java 7 feature Java 6 does not have.

Could anyone please offer some opinion? Thank you so much!

apoorv saxena wrote:hello friends,

I am looking forward to get oracle certification in java......reading the previous posts i have came to know that i will have to first clear oca 7 and then ocp 7 can you please guide me from where to start preparing for these exams....which is the best book to start with???

Hi, I am also preparing for this. The only resource I found is the Java 7 Complete Reference book on Amazon and the Tutorial on Oracle Website. I hope if anyone could please tell me where to find some practice exams on OCPJP7. Thanks.
ok, never mind, spent $300 and passed.

This thing is super helpful:

Total is 6 exams. I did two of them, score an 70% average, and got 85% on the exam.
I just bought an A+ exam discount voucher, that saves me $15. I am wondering if there's any valid discount voucher out there for OCAJP 7. Thanks