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Recent posts by Sai Prasad

Make sure you have this jar file defined in config.xml and application.xml
20 years ago
We bought a web application to retrieve documents in the form of pds. Basically, the web application has a servlet which creates a pdf document at a specific location based on request parameters.
Already I am running two enterprise java applications in one weblogic domain. I will be using the new document web app from both the existing enterprise applications.
I like to know if it makes sense to create another enterise application which contains the above third party document web application or make it a web application in the existing two enterprise applications.
Basically, how do you decide whether to go for a web app or enterprise app when you buy a third party web application?
Thanks a lot for your help.
20 years ago
I have three tables INVOICE, WEB_ORDER, ORDER.
INVOICE and WEB_ORDER can be linked using the column "customer_id".
WEB_ORDER and ORDER can be linked using the column "order_id"
ORDER table contains the column "trading_partner" and INVOICE has the other column of interest "invoice_id".
WEB_ORDER is not guaranteed to contain the rows with the same "customer_id"
as in INVOICE table.
I like to get the "invoice_id" (always) and trading_partner (if exists)
by joining the 3 tables. I tried the SQL below:

I know my invoice table has 118 rows. When I execute the above select,
I get only 110 rows. How do I get all 118 rows and still query for
trading_partner if exists?
Thanks a lot.
20 years ago
Hello All,
Is it valid to create an xml document that should conform to a DTD with extra tags not listed in DTD? Thanks.
Hello Everyone,
I am new to cXML. I am trying to use it if possible to transfer invoice information between different groups in our organization. The problem is, I have lot more custom data information other than defined in the DTD. Is it possible to include my own tags even though they are not declared in the DTD? The DTD is supplied by cXML standard body. Thanks.
I have two servlets TestServlet and TestServlet2 in a web-app along with a <listenter>LifecycleListener</listener> defined in web.xml. Also both servlets are configured to load on startup. It seems like only one instance of the listenter instance is created.
What is the life cycle of a web-app listener. One instance for all the servlets? Thanks.
Jason, Thanks. I haven't received it yet. This project is in the very early stage. Let us assume that I get a xsd or dtd, how should I program to convert the flat file to XML? I have been reading about DOM and SAX parsers.
Also this application will be executed in a weblogic environment.
Thanks Jason. I get a file from main frame which has fixed length elements in each line. Each file contains information about an invoice. I need to convert this file to a specific xml format and send that file to another group.
I am new to XML and I am trying to read a flat file in Java and create an xml file. I like to know what are the possible ways to accomplish this on the server side. Thanks a lot.
Also the the conversion is not straight forward. Based on some values, xml elements need to added or ignored.
[ September 17, 2003: Message edited by: Sai Prasad ]
What is your opinion on redeploying applications in production without shutting the weblogic server and restart it?
Is redeploy meant for development purpose only?
-- Sai
20 years ago
My guess is that one of your EJBs is trying to access the class which is loaded by web application classloader and not the enterprise class loader.
20 years ago
Congrats Mark. I failed with 58%. My first failure in Java certifications. I don't feel bad since I didn't prepare at all and took the exam on the very first day. I know I have to improve my EJB knowledge. Enjoy your moments!
Check to make sure you have a datasource "titan-dataSource" defined using
administrative console
20 years ago
Please post the code. I am not sure why it would be a problem.
20 years ago
It is available if you buy Weblogic Portal product.
20 years ago