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Recent posts by jsummers

nano is located in New York City.
Job Description
�Technical leadership position reporting directly to Senior Vice President, Engineering
�Lead all components of server technology including decisions relating to architecture, implementation and staffing
�Architect a cross-market, cross-medium transaction platform capable of scaling to millions of concurrent transactions
�Assist in testing, maintenance and documentation for software products, perform risk analysis and management regarding proposed development strategies
�Maintain technical documentation, configuration and version control and analysis of proposed changes to software solutions under development
�Evolve and improve architecture, software development, project management and testing processes within technology team
�Ensure architectural support of future products expansion
�Manage, train, mentor and recruit technical team through all project phases
�Proficiency in Unix Shell Scripting, Java, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Servlets, JSP and Java Database Connectivity is required
�Proficiency in C/C++, Knowledge JNI, Linux, XML and Oracle is a plus
�4-8 years of experience designing, implementing and deploying distributed transaction delivery systems or similar highly scalable architectures in a production enterprise environment
�Deep experience with full-lifecycle software engineering projects including detailed system design, requirements gathering, documentation, data modeling, development, and implementation
�Preferred experience base includes development with relational and/or object-oriented databases; modeling; inter-enterprise communication; high-performance, asynchronous, distributed systems; mathematical optimization techniques; forecasting systems and mathematics; progressive quality engineering techniques and server-side Web application development (preferably using Java servlets)
�Detail-oriented, problem-solving attitude with strong people management skills
�Must be a team player with the ability to defend issues and be proactive in driving solutions
Salary ranges from 100k - 140k.

Please email all resumes as an MS Word attachment to jobs@nano.com. Please include HR/SLE in the subject heading.
23 years ago