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Shalini Srivastav

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Recent posts by Shalini Srivastav

congrats, share your experience in detail.
9 years ago
HELLO.... i am going with Linux Mint 13 "Maya" - Cinnamon (32-bit).I found it looks cool and has less headache as it comes with pre installed codec and applications.Thanks Pat
9 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Technically, Solaris is not a "Unix derivative", it is a full-blown Unix in its own right, based originally on BSD Unix, as I recall. Linux, on the other hand, is considered a Unix derivative.

For the most part, the difference between Solaris and Linux is no greater than the difference between Fedora and Ubuntu. They're all built on the Unix architecture, the main differences being in where some of the administrative files are located. Solaris has some significant load-balancing abilities (which were totally ignored in the last big Solaris shop I worked in, since they didn't want to pay for more highly-skilled sysadmins when they could buy cheap hardware, instead). It also has a very nice semi-virtualization system ("zones"), the ZFS filesystem, and (as of Solaris 10) an intelligent daemon control system. But there are Linux equivalents to most of these.

Whether Solaris is "free" or not depends on the changing whims of Oracle. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. OpenSolaris was spun off in large part to ensure that there would be a Solaris that wasn't hostage to whether or not the bean-counters thought they could milk the platform that quarter.

A bigger issue is that unlike Linux, Solaris did not historically run on generic equipment, since it was part of the Sun hardware universe. So it's usually easier to get a Linux working on random hardware (especially laptops) than it is to get Solaris to do so.

thank you
9 years ago

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:

Shalini Srivastav wrote:OK if i want learn some UNIX/Linux stuff then i should use fedora or Ubuntu, because i think Ubuntu in Debian based while fedora is UNIX based ?

Again, as I've previously mentioned, please get your requirements clear. What exactly do yo mean by UNIX/Linux stuff (btw, UNIX and Linux are different things).

Yes, Ubuntu as a distro is based on Debian. It simply means that some of the basic utilities and their behavior were borrowed by Ubuntu from Debian.

However, I won't say that Fedora is UNIX based. First of all, Fedora is a Linux distro. It is NOT UNIX. And so is Debian. You can get a detailed wiki page on how distros are derived from other distros. e.g. OpenSUSE is Fedora based, whereas Ubuntu and Mint are Debian based, and ArchLinux is Gentoo based, and so on.

But, unless you are clear about what exact 'stuff' you want to learn (I won't treat Java as 'UNIX/Linux stuff'), its difficult to choose a particular distro.

However, if you are interested in Java, then, as previously suggested, pick any distro and get going. If you don't like it, you can always change it later on.

I hope this helps.

HELLO.... can i get Solaris for personal use on my lappy??
9 years ago
OK if i want learn some UNIX/Linux stuff then i should use fedora or Ubuntu, because i think Ubuntu in Debian based while fedora is UNIX based ?

9 years ago
i am learning java on WindowsXp but now i think it is not good habit.Software firms work on which one ? Which one should i install fedora or Ubuntu ?
9 years ago
As i am getting ++ has higher precedence than = , so ++ will be evaluate first than i=2 ?
9 years ago
hello ,where is group ? i also want to join.

m()[i=2]++; how this is valid ? after the method invocation there should be ; i.e m(); [i=2]++;

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at No.main(
9 years ago