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Recent posts by Edward Woods

First, I deeply appreciate the study guide by Sierra and Bates. Without the book, I am afraid I have to spend much more time on the exam.

The following are bulletin points regarding to the exam:

1. There is no drag-and-drop questions on my exam, though I thought this type of questions would be a little bit more difficult than multiple choice questions.
2. Mock exams on the study guide are not easy at all. But the real exam is just OK, finished the exam in less than two hours, and spent another 15 mins to review unsure ones.
3. Some questions (about 5, 6) are very very easy. And some look very easy, but be careful, traps usually are associated with them.
4. Highly recommend two-mins drill after each chapter. I read them many times actually the day before the exam. Very helpful.

One question: I'd like to be an advanced level java programmer. So I purchased a few books about data structure and algorithms (of course, i would recommend Head First Design Patterns as well based on my research on Amazon website. And I own Head First Java book, like it.)
1. Should I go for SCJD now or later, like grad a job first to gain some work experience. (Still a grad student at the moment).
2. How helpful is SCJD certificate?
3. What if I'd like to be an Android developer? Should I stil go for SCJD?

Please comment. Thanks!
Hi Everyone,

I just passed my SCJA (OCA, JAVA SE5/6) last week with a 82% passing score. Not a shinning score to show off, but to a person who had no OOP experience before, I am quite happy with the score.

To recap, I used three books for this exam, and I think they are quite helpful.

1. SCJA study guide by Liguori and Finegan. [Very good, read book twice, did all the self test twice. The only gride is I wish they could cover a little bit more on chapter 11 and 12.]

2. Head First Java. Great book to understand Java in general.

3. SCJP study guide, not a must, but still recommend it for future study.

The self tests in SCJA study guide is good enough, but if you want to do more mock exam, I would highly recommend scja.de not because of its affordability comparing to Enthuware and Whizlabs, and its high quality and very close difficulty level to the real exam.

Now I have a question, if anyone else could help me out.

What is the correct path, in other words, what exams I should take next to be a real professional Java programmer/guru? I am thinking to take SCJP next, then SCJD. And something else (System Architect eventually in a manager level)

Open to suggestions. Thanks!
7 years ago
Thanks Robert. Just bought your book this morning, great book.
8 years ago
Hi Everyone,

I am going to take the exam (1Z0-850) in two weeks. I have a few questions hopefully you guys can give me some suggestions. I have two books in hand: 1. Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide by K.S and B. B. 2. Head First Java (2nd Edition) by the same authors.

My questions are:

1. These two books cover all exam topics until Java 5, is that good enough to take 1Z0-850? What are the topics are not covered by these two books? If not, what else book should I have?

2. Where to do the mock exam or practice questions?

Many thanks!

8 years ago