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Recent posts by Ram Han

Now heading towards SCWCD, with Head First Servlet and JSP

10 years ago
hi all,
out put for this below program is 10.can anyone explain this.i saw this quetion in mockexams

public class Honley{
public static int i =60;
public static void main(String argv[]){
Honley h = new Honley();
public void wine(){
i = 10;
int i = 20;

IBM 285 exam is withdrawn in June 2006.

So Please go for the latest one.
How it is possible in such a young age...

Any how a BIG CONGRATS...
18 years ago
IBM 286 exam is going to retire on June 2006.

I advice to take the latest 256 instead of 286
You can appear for SCJP1.4 still .. This exam is NOT going to vanish soon.

SCJP1.5 k&B book is in market now..
18 years ago
Can you tell as about your prepration path.
18 years ago
Congrats , Well done.
18 years ago
I took the Java 1.1 version training from SUN some 6/7 years before..

100% it is NOT worth for the money.

When you have planned to release the book for 255 ?

Prepration time
45 days
On an average 1.5 hours daily.

Like everyone I studied K&B

Did all the mock exams in net which are free.
Dan's exam - I did only very few , felt bored because of the toughness ( real exam is not that tough)
but it taught lot of concepts...
Marcus green - 2 days before the exam i scored 65
K&B : Got 48 (!! .. i have to complete the exam in 45 mins ,my laptop was running out of battery so i was careless in writing exam)
Whizlab (free): 69

I was not worried about the mock exam marks, i was learning from my mistakes
I made myself that I understand the concepts and tricks well.

Is K&B really worth - answer YES and NO

I felt some topics are not clearly explained, like shift opertors , binary operations,utility methods in collection ( i got some question in exam )

But we need to really appreciate for bringing a wonderful book , and re-wrote the history of Java exam prep ways.

K&B Questions in the end of the chapter for some questions , explanation is not sufficient.

2 Mintue drill name should be changed to 20 minute drill

How fast i read i could not read it in 2 minutes ( just kidding )

2- Minute drill is real helpful in last minutes prep.

Mock exams

Mock exams are really helpful , most of them i used are free ones

In the real exam most of the questions are similar( but not same ) to the mock exams..

In real life coding do you really care about how compilation error, runtime
loops work ? I would say NO
With more advanced IDE's you no need to know the when does the compilation error occurs ,but in exam Sun is expecting you to know that .( what to do)

So what is my score atlast ,...it is 86

Now heading towards SCWCD, with Head First Servlet and JSP

18 years ago