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Recent posts by Himai Minh

I guess you may not need to define the EntryRepositoryImpl class at all. In Spring Data JPA, the EntryRepositoryImpl is automatically generated.
Here is an example:
You can see, the developer does not develop any implementation for the repository interface.
21 hours ago
Hi, Bonny,
You can read other people's experience about passing the exam in this forum.
I am sure those people have put a lot of effort to study for the exam.
To be honest, this exam is not easy unless you read the books and tutorials.
No mock exam reflect exactly how the real exam is.
Hi, Bonny,
As some people recommended in this forum, you may consider taking the courses from Dominik Cebula from Udemy.
Those courses are pretty helpful. Dominik went through the exam objectives in depth.
If you study hard in his courses, read the books recommended by the other people, you should be good.
There is no one set of mock exam that match with the difficulties of the real exam.  
So, we have to rely on courses , books , Spring's official documentation and mock exams.
On average, it takes people from 9 months - 16 months to prepare for this exam.
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2 days ago
Hi, Bonny,
If you follow the other people's advice about studying for this exam, you should be good.
But as a rule of thumb, don't expect any author who can predict what will be in the real exam.
This exam is tough , but should be able to manage as long as you follow other people's advice.
Like the book authors for OCJ books say, "if the exam is easy , there will be no value to it."
Hi, Bonny.
I fully understand how you feel about the exam. No one can predict what questions will be on the exam.
If you follow the hints from other people in this forum, study hard in the tutorials and mock exams, you
should be able to pass this exam.
Hi, Bonny.
You are right. The real exam is actually much harder than all those mock exams.
But as long as you study those tutorials recommended by the other people, you should be fine.
You can try as many mock exams as you can to practice.
For me, I took Dominik Cebula's Spring professional exam tutorial from Udemy.
His tutorials have 8 modules targeting at the exam. He also has some practice exam questions available.
If you search in this forum, some people read Ivan Krizsan's note and this study guide : https://www.amazon.com/Pivotal-Certified-Professional-Spring-Developer/dp/1484251350/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Spring+Certification+study+guide&qid=1614025773&sr=8-1

Hi, Bonny,
No, Spring tags in JSP/Thymeleaf are not on the exam.
If there are multiple options, there is a hint telling you how many options to pick.

Have you check this forum and read other people's advice to study this exam?
They provide us good information how to pass the exam.
Hi, Bonny,
I was not aware these topics on the exam:

- Spring Cloud
- Reactive Programming
- Messaging (JMS or Kafka)
- Validation
- Logging
- Internationalization and localization
- Asynchronous and scheduling  
- Security for web services (OAuth2) related

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1 week ago
I am not familiar with Spring MVC form.
But one experiment you can first try is to replace the forEach by multiple checkbox, like this example:
1 week ago
I think you can first try to remove the school attribute in your studentIdentity id.
Your student identity can include some unique attributes related to the students, such as id number.
But the school is a relationship to the student.

1 week ago
Can you show us your code how you set up the relationship between the student and school?
1 week ago
Hi, Jf ,
Nowadays, I see people use @MockBean to inject beans.
Injecting beans is a practice of inversion of control.
1 week ago