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Recent posts by Himai Minh

First of all, make sure your credentials are something authorized to log on to the service.
12 hours ago
There seems like a circular dependency in your domain objects. Try to search for @JsonIgnore and see if that works for you:
12 hours ago
How about adding "" to @RequestMapping. If you prefer not to use any relative URL, then add this blank. The URL will be localhost:8080/ to access to index.
 @RequestMapping({"", "/home"})
public String home(){
   return "index";
12 hours ago
Topic: Quantum Computing For Java Developers
Time : Dec 18 2022 10:00 am - noon Eastern Standard Time (US, New York time)
Speaker: Johan Vos, Co-Founder of Gluon
Moderator: Shadab Hussain, Co-Founder of Quantum Computing India
Event host: Washington DC/India/Toronto Quantum Computing Meetup
Sign up link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/quantum-computing-for-java-developers-tickets-426509680937
Zoom registration form will be emailed to signed up participants no later than 1 hour prior to the event.
Live stream on Youtube will be emailed 15 minutes before the event starts.
2 days ago
Also, another workaround is :
2 days ago
Hi, I test your code and found out that regardless delay is there or not, the main thread won't wait for the three completablefuture calls.
Here is what I do to fix it. Each completablefuture calls the join method. They will all finish before the main thread.
Add the following code above the System.out.println("In main, End: "+ LocalTime.now());
2 days ago
Your OrderController looks ok. But you mentioned that your security config is preventing you to access the order service.
2 days ago
In you WebSecurityConfig class, can you change this:
into this mvcMatchers("/orders/**") ?

Also, are you sure you have the right authority to access to order?  
2 days ago
Is it because of the underscore in the URL? Try to replace underscore by %5F and see.
1 week ago
Hi Stephan,
I think Kevin wants to create a mock user with the JWT token to see if this mock user has access to the URL.
2 weeks ago
Yes, using save() in CrudRepository is to save the entity. But you need to make sure your Spring Boot application is connecting to the DB.
Here is a reference:
2 weeks ago
I am not sure if onStatus(....) can help.
Here is my brainstorming :
 .onStatus(HttpStatus::is2xxSuccessful, response -> response.rawStatusCode() == 200 ?  .... )

Here is a reference:
1 month ago
Hi Tim,
That is interesting to know that Spring Boot is serverless. Nowadays, people use Spring Boot to develop microservices and deploy the microservices
to Docker/Kubernetes for scalability and redundancy.
1 month ago