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Recent posts by Himai Minh

Hi Bikasit,
Are you sure your transaction is not rolled back? Do you see any exception thrown in your terminal console?
Or, your change is not committed at all? I believe Hibernate automatically commit your changes after a transaction completely successfully.
12 hours ago
Hi, RJ.
You need to go to to sign up for the exam. You need to click on the "Compatibility Tool" to check for system compatibility.
You have to install a Google Chrome extension as instructed. You will be being watched by a proctor.

I suggest you to reserve a study room in a public library for about 2 hours. Make sure there is no writing on the white boards in the study room.
You will share your computer screen with the proctor. The proctor will ask you to close other running applications on your computer.
The proctor will ask you to turn your webcam 360 degrees to make sure you don't have any notebooks, paper, notes on the wall, no electronic devices, no friends near you and etc.
Don't chew gum and don't move your mouth. The proctor just wants to make sure you are not communicating with anyone during the exam.

In my opinion, it is really helpful to take Dominik Cebula's training for only $10 (US dollar) / module. He will finish his module 5 - 8 by May 2020.
I passed this exam, but I am still taking his training courses. His courses are very helpful.
He is very passionate about Spring framework and Spring Boot.
You will learn a lot from him !  

For those of you who are local to Washington DC, we have a local quantum computing meetup event at Cambridge Quantum Computing office.
The speaker will be Dr. Robert Whetsel. The topic will be After Quantum.
For more detail, please sign up at :
2 weeks ago
Hi, Shaik,
I have a suggestion for you to clear this exam.
I highly recommend you to take this Spring Professional Certification course from Udemy
These series of courses will be very helpful to pass the exam. I know three people passed the exam so far after they took these courses.
The instructor Dominik Cebula has finished module 1-4 and he is working on module 5-8.

However, these courses are for those who know the basics of Spring Framework and Spring Boot.
If you need some introduction courses for Spring, you may want to search Udemy.

I also recommend you to read Getting Started with Spring Framework cover Spring 5.

2 weeks ago
I am able to answer my own question. The correct URL to make the post request should be:
Now, it can print hello in Postman
1 month ago
Hi, I have a customized endpoint: file:

When I run it in Postman, I made a request http://localhost:8080/actuator/customEndpoint?msg=hello.
But I got an error message from Postman:

Is there anything wrong with my custom endpoint or postman request ?
1 month ago
Hi, Eric Johnson,
Would you be interested to be our next speaker of Washington DC quantum computing meetup group  to talk about your new book?
If you are in DC, our group will meet up at Cambridge Quantum Computing office.
If you are not in DC, we can have online event via Brighttalk or Zoom or etc.
1 month ago
I think you need to have a @Configuration class. Inside that class , you can define @Bean method that return a JdbcTemplate

The reason why I am defining JdbcTemplate as a bean because you use @Autowired to autowire JdbcTemplate in the DatabaseFacadeImpl class.
If jdbcTemplate is not a bean, you cannot autowire it.

Here is an example

1 month ago
Do you have a main class like this:

Do you have file under resources directory with these properties as the following?

If you are using embedded h2 database, don't need to specify spring.datasource.url, spring.datasource.driverClassName ...

Try to run the MyApplication class to start spring boot first. And then access http://localhost:8080/console and see.
1 month ago
I noticed something in your code:

I think you can change either the bean name or the qualifier name. Since the names are the same, the container cannot tell which one to inject.
1 month ago
Hello all,
Our Washington DC Quantum Computing Meetup group is looking for speakers for December 2019 and further.
The events can be online or local to DC on any day between Monday - Thursday from 19:00- 20:00  America Eastern Time.
If anyone is interested to be our speaker, please let me know. I will introduce the organizer, Dr. Deb Ghoshal to you.
Please feel free to visit our web site at
2 months ago
I am running a Spring Boot mongodb example from John Thompson's course.
I am using Window 10 while John Thompson is using Mac/Linux.  I heard Docker may not be working properly in Windows.
According to John, Docker is a "Linux" thing.

I installed Docker for Windows (Edge release, engine 18.09.0)
I tried both Linux and Windows containers in Docker.
In my local directory:
c:\users\myname\desktop> docker run -p 27017:27017 -v /dockerdata/mongo -d mongo

I have already share my C drive with the container.
I have a dockerdata/mongo directory in my desktop.

After running the Spring boot example, I should have some data persisted in dockerdata/mongo directory as instructed.
However, my dockerdata/mongo directory is still empty.

I am running out of idea now.
Please help.
It seems like my mongo data is not persisted in the directory I mounted to.
Thanks in advance.
2 months ago
I remember there will be one mock exam in the new Spring 5 exam guide written by Iuliana.
But you can feel free to buy mock exams from vendors for practice.
2 months ago
Hi, Geff,
You may want to read Ivan Krizsan's Spring 5 tutorial for the exam. You can find it at
I recommend this book Getting Started With Spring Framework covers Spring 5 by Sharin and Sharma.
I am sure reading Iuliana' book will be helpful too.
Basically, it is better to find more resources.

For production environment, you may want to consider Spring boot actuator to see the health of the application.
Spring Boot is getting more popular and it has auto configure for Spring Core. But Spring Core is still useful for Spring boot.

Have you tried to work on mock exams from vendors? Those mock exams can help you understand more about the exam.
But you still need to google search for Spring Boot Test and actuator documents.
2 months ago
Hi,  Geff Chang,
The cost of the exam is $225 nowadays.

I am so happy to see so many people are interested to learn Spring Framework
2 months ago