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Recent posts by Himai Minh

Hi, Martin,
In your RoomController, you can add two methods for PUT and DELETE.
PUT is for updating an existing room or for adding a new room.
3 days ago
Hi, I am practicing with my instructor's code.
I have a @RibbonClient ("currency-exchange-service). Currency exchange service is a secure microservice with basic authentication features (using username/password).
Currency conversion microservice sends a request which goes through my Zuul gateway and then go to currency exchange service.
In the code of conversion service , I have @FeignClient("zuul-gateway-service)

In currency exchange service, I have a basic authentication request interceptor bean to accept the username password read from a properties file.

My problem is the request cannot be authenticated after it goes through the Zuul gateway. I cannot search for a solution.
How can the request be authenticated by the ribbon client, currency exchange after it goes through Zuul.

Here is my code:
currency conversion service:

currency exchange service:

Zuul gateway services that intercepts currency conversion service request:

Eureka service that registers the above services:

1 week ago
Hi, Alejandro,
I believe your application is a Spring boot application and I believe you have this dependency:

In this dependency, the JSON parsing is included.
The artifact that takes care of JSON parsing is:

In this artifact, there is another one:

Therefore, as long as you have the spring-boot-starter-web dependency, your JSON serialization / deserialization is handled.
1 week ago
Hi, Mike.
I read Spring in Action 4th and 5th edition as well as Getting Started with Spring Framework 5.
Also, you may want to try Iuliana Cosmina's new study guide as promoted on this forum.
I heard there are some sample questions in her book.

I recommend you to take itestjava's mock exams. But mock exams are just for practice. The real exam is
harder than those mock exams.

You can also consider taking Dominik Cebula's Spring Professional Certification courses on Udemy.
A lot of students said his 8 courses are very helpful for them to pass the exam.

Good luck.
2 weeks ago
Topic : IMSG Energy Cloud City: A Star Trek Inspired Quantum Computing Path to Fusion
Speaker: Dave D'Silva, CEO of IMSG
Moderator: Dr. Michael Twohey of Lessonde School of Engineer's Professional Education Department
Date time: Oct 21 Wed, 19:00-21:00 EDT
Sign up:

2 weeks ago
Topic: Evaluation of Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm
Date time: Oct 7 Wed 19:00-21:00 EDT
Speaker: Dr. Jason Larkin of Software Engineering Institute , Carnegie Mellon University
Event host: Washington DC quantum computing meetup group, Association Quantum , Cambridge Quantum Computing
Sign up :
2 weeks ago
Hi, Melf,
In your email, you should be able to get the information about your passing the exam right after the exam.
Could you please share your experience how to pass the exam?
What books do you read? What mock exam do you use? What classes do you take?
This information will be very helpful for others.
2 weeks ago
Hi, Bronishlav,
Please try to add @Autowired to see if it can autowire your Y bean
2 weeks ago
Hi, R Vicky,
Maybe, put @Component to annotate KeyLogger class.
Also, make sure you have @ComponentScan in your "runner" class , the one with the main method.
@ComponentScan  is to scan the packages and sub packages of the "runner" class.
Make sure your KeyLogger is in the same package as the runner class or in the subpackages.

The reason why I suggest this because there should be a KeyLogger  bean in order to autowire it.
By annotating KeyLogger as @Component, the Spring container will create a bean out of KeyLogger class.
2 weeks ago
Hi Charles,
There is no prerequisite for the Spring professional certification exam.
That says you can take this Spring certification exam without pass other Java programming exams.
But you need to first know the basics of Spring framework before you can pass the exam.
4 weeks ago
Hi Charles,
If you would like to take Spring certification exam, first  I read Craig's Spring In Action 4th and 5th edition and Getting Started with Spring Framework 5.
You can also read Iuliana Cosmina's new study guide next and Ivan Krizsan's notes as a quick review

I took Dominik Cebula's 8 modules of the spring professional certification tutorial on Udemy. The course is very very helpful.
Good luck.
4 weeks ago