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Recent posts by Krishan Leekha

Thanks Svan.

Awaiting for your review Vyas, as I believe there would many others who would have the same question in mind.
14 years ago

Cameron Wallace McKenzie wrote:First of all, congratulations on passing part one. SCEA is a tough exam, so you should be proud of yourself. I'm proud of you.

And secondly, thanks for the great feedback.

And thirdly, with such great information, you should stop being so quiet in these forums!

-Cameron McKenzie

Thanks Cameron ! Point Taken
Dear All - Like many others, I too have been one of the silent listener / follower of this forum. Achieving SCEA has been my dream from at least last 2 years, but life is busy, and you can never decide when is the good time to prepare and go for the test.

Guess what, we are so much involved into our worklife that only 'deadlines' work for us ! After rescheduling the exam for couple of time, 3 weeks back system refused to reschedule it again as my voucher was due to expire on May 29th. So that was the trigger.

I appeared for the exam (310-052) yesterday, and scored 73%. I feel I would have scored quite better if I would have prepared a bit longer ! The exam was by far the toughest that I have appeared for so far ! This forum has really been helpful in pointing out the right resources for preparing for SCEA - Part 1.

I used the following resources for my preparation -

> Core J2EE Patterns ( Book as well as online for quick reference - )
> Cade's SCEA ( for 310-051 ) study guide ( Really good book and keeps you on track )
> Mikalai Zaikin SCEA 5 study guide ( Quite good. Thanks MZ for putting this together. )
> Java EE 5 Tutorial from SUN ( Browsed through complete tutorial, but did not go in-depth, just restricted myself to concept level. )
> Whizlab Simulator ( Good for practice. The actual exam questions are not so straight forward ).
> Moelholm's SCEA Mock Tests ( ). [ For 310-051, but good for practice ]
> Exforsys Exam Simulator ( ) [ For 310-051, but good for practice ]
> Notes for all objectives from

I personally felt the Java EE 5 Tutorial is the best to learn all about JEE.

Questions in actual exam were quite lengthy with atleast 50-60% of questions having 2 or more than 2 correct choices. Even though I was completing all Whizlab exams with-in 60-70 minutes, but in the exam I was struggling to finish it under 90-100 minutes so that I can keep the remaining 20-30 minutes for complete review. I felt exam had quite a lot of questions around Web Services, Patterns and Web Tier Technologies.

I feel 5 - 6 weeks would be the ideal time for preparation. Since I had limited time ( around 3 weeks ), thus, I spent around 3 hrs / day on weekdays, and 5 - 6 hrs / day on weekends for this preparation.

Hope this information will help fellow Ranchers in some way or other !!

Well, it's not over yet, so gearing up myself for Part 2 and 3 now !!
Thanks Peter. Appreciate your response.
Wondering if there are any known performance bottlenecks of using DOJO ? Are there any stats available that compares the Prototype and DOJO from performance (page load time) point of view ? To me that would be a key consideration for recommending the use of DOJO vs Prototype in Web Applications.

- K
Hello - Wondering which version of DOJO Toolkit is taken into account in this book ? Does it covers both 1.1 and 1.2 , and explains about the backward compatibility between 1.1 and 1.2.

- K
[ December 01, 2008: Message edited by: Krishan Leekha ]
Does the lab highlights the difference with the older version of J2EE ? As many of us might have worked upon the older version, so it would good to see if lab highlights this.
Thanks Kyle.
Upgradion is one option, but my organization already has lienced version of Rational XDE v2002 Release 2.1, and upgrating to Rational XDE 2003 may take some time. In the mean while I was looking out the if I can use the older version of XDE with WSAD5.
I found some thing on IBM's site regarding using XDE with any WSAD other than 4.0.3. ( Attached below )
But unfortunately that too is not working ! Even after creating the required entries in registry, it is is still checking for the WSAD version.
I am wondering if some one has sucessfully tried some thing of that sort ?
From the URL:
QUESTION: Is it possible to install Rational XDE v2002 Release 2 for Java on a machine running a version of IBM Websphere Application Developer other than 4.0.3 (for example, v4.0.2 or the new Integration Edition)?
ANSWER: Rational XDE v2002 Release 2 for Java has been tested with version 4.0.3 of IBM Websphere Application Developer. Using it with any other version is not recommended or supported at this time. However, if you wish to proceed with the installation, the Rational XDE Java Platform and Workbench Edition v2002 Release 2 Release Notes contain the following workaround:
� As part of the installation process, the Rational XDE installation program checks that your operating system is on the list of supported operating systems. If you are installing over IBM WSS AD, it checks that you have installed the correct version of that as well. Normally, if your system does not have the required characteristics, installation will not continue. If you need to bypass these installation checks, you can do so, by using regedit or a similar tool to create the following registry keys. Please note that installation to untested or unsupported environments is at your own risk.
o To bypass operating system checking : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Rational Software\RSSetup\OsCheck
o To bypass IBM WSS AD version checking: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Rational Software\RSSetup\IdeCheck
20 years ago
I am trying to install IBM Rational XDE v2002 release 2.1 on my machine which is running WSAD 5. But it does not allow me to do so and throws the following error:
"IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer 4.0.3 is not detected. Please install it first."
I read the release notes which says while installing it checks whether WSAD4.0.3 is installed on the system or not.
I am wondering if is there any way to install Rational XDE v2002 release 2.1 on a system running version of WSAD other than 4.0.3 ?
And any idea about which version of Rational XDE is compatible with WSAD 5 ?
20 years ago
Thanks a lot Ramnivas and Pradeep.
It gives me fairly good idea about the book, I do have some other doubts about AOP, which I will try to find in another thread or will post if could not get clarification.
- Krishan Leekha
20 years ago
I want to use CVS as external version control in VAJ 3.5.3.
Can any one help me in doing that ? Or please refer me to some document online which explains the steps to do the same.
20 years ago
Hi Ramnivas,
I recently started learning a bit about Aspect Oriented Programming, and just know about AspectJ that it is a general-purpose aspect-oriented extension to Java, for addressing the crosscutting concerns of Object Oriented Languages. I have some doubts before I myself refer to this book, and subsequently refer this to my colleagues.And I could not have found anyone better to answer those doubts except the writer himself :-)
A.What are the prerequisite of this book?
B.Does this book touch base on why and where we should use AOP?
C.Does this book explain about defining aspects in general (with some practical examples), or it just talks about handling aspects using AspectJ?
I hope I am sounding clear, as I am still new to AOP terminology.
20 years ago
Complete information is there on the links mentioned by Mike. But make sure that on windows system your catalina.home variable is set to C:\\Program Files\\Apache Group\\Tomcat 4.1 ( Path where Tomcat is installed on your system, and note down double \\ ), in build.xml/ file.
And if catalina.home variable is set in both build.xml and, then whichever gets loaded first will take the preference. ( Check out your build.xml file to verify the sequence ... )
- Krishan
21 years ago