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Recent posts by Pradeep bhatt

Welcome Shai Almog  
10 months ago
Dear author,
Whenever i start any ML course I see maths coming into picture. I have studied math when in school as a teenager but forgotten about it as I am in IT industry since couple of decades. Can you share some tips on how to learn math for machine learning ?
Dear Author,

Javascript is 25 years old. Why is the need for web assembly when we have JavaScript + related frameworks which has worked so well fo many years. What is impact of web assembly on Javascript developers, how do they reskill themselves ? Thanks a lot !
IMHO the main benefit of REST based architecture is simplicity. There are some patterns like retry , circuit breaker which can be used.Please refer to links here
5 years ago

Is the kindle version of TOGAF® 9 Certification Self-Study Pack, 3rd Edition available?
7 years ago
Congrats neene    avanu  
7 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I used the bundle. (it came with the class I took.) The study guide and practice exams were both useful.

Thanks Jeanne.
I don't see the bundle available with amazon. Do you know if amazon has bundle ? Also If I buy from opengroup, how readable is kindle version  of the converted pdf using caliber software ? I recently purchased kindle paperwhite. I saw that pdf converted to mobi version loses some formatting and doesn't looks good as original version. So confused about where to buy from. I spent 3 hours travveling in bus so would be reading from kindle most of time.
7 years ago
Hi Jeanne,

What do you recommend ? Buying styud guide as bundle or buying parts separately.

Do we get more materials if we buy as bundles. I am seeing many pdfs listed here. Do we get same if we buy separately.
7 years ago
where should we buy the TOGAF guide ? The opengroup site or amazon kindle. Does amazon give us pdf file ? I think pdf version is better than kindle one, right ?
7 years ago
Thanks. I did not win the book but waiting for it be printed in India.
RabbitMQ has routing feature. When compared to ESB it lacks message transformation feature. Are there any other differences ?
Hi author,

In the book which language is used for illustrate code samples. Is it Java or Erlang ?
Thanks Gavin Roy. it is good that Java has implemented functional programming in version 8.
A rancher mentioned that RabbitMQ is implemented using Erlang. Is Erlang platform independent like Java ? What are the reasons behind implementing using Erlang ?