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Recent posts by palak kumar

J. Kevin Robbins wrote:

palak kumar wrote:does that means we have to read chapter 10 or not?

That depends. Are you just interested in passing the exam or do you want to become an expert programmer? Because eventually you will find yourself having to maintain someone's custom tags.

right now i want to pass the exam and than i'll become an expert programmer. Do i have to study them for the 1z0-899 exam?

shweta. gupta wrote:

Frits Walraven wrote:Some users have reported Simple tags to be on the OCEWCD6 exam:


Thank you

does that means we have to read chapter 10 or not?
I want that book too. Its too hard for me to follow any other book except the head first. I want it. I want it so bad.
7 years ago
Hi all,

I'm preparing for OCEJWCD. I'm using Head first SJ 2nd edition. What else to study for it? In spec which chapters should be studied? I'm already working as java developer so i'm aware of the concepts and it is not that tough. I want to go for the exam asap because i want to switch my job.

I already bought the enthuware mocks. Is head first and chapters from spec for newly added syllabus good enough?

Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Hi all,
Has anyone tried the Black Book of Spring 3.0. I urgently need a spring book for beginner as well as advanced user. I was wondering whether this is a good book?
Help me. I'm also considering spring in action but i didn't found any review for the black book.
8 years ago
It means that you have accidentally added some irrelevant characters to the </definition> tag. For eg:

In this piece of code the text "this is a mistake" should not be here. It basically happens unknowingly.
8 years ago
is java core knowledge enough for spring?
8 years ago
what are the requirements for learning spring framework? i knw java core. is that enough? advice me some books if you can.
8 years ago
hi there, I've read Hf Servlets and JSP twice and took the questions given at the end of the chapters and scored at an aggregate of 79. i took the final mock exam today and scored 45%. i'm planning to give my exam after 3 days but i'm shattered with the result. what should i do?? should i go for it or what?
definitely talking bout hfsj,, struggling from the start,, than on EL and all,,
why i can't understand this chapter. help me guys.
i have Head First Servlets and JSP(1st edition) and OCEJWCD Study Companion. which one should i use for quickly finishing my syllabus? I need a job asap and for that i need this certification. so you must understand the gravity of the situation.
Please don't give all that crap like "you should go for knowledge not for this and that"

thanks a lot
i think you meant a book. this book is solely for the purpose of OCEJWCD(EE6). i have ordered this book yesterday for 501 rupees.

OCEJWCD Study Companion (Certification Study Guide) OCE Java EE Web Component Developer 2013 Edn
By BPB Publications

if you are an indian than you need to mention the "BPB publications" in your search criteria. its available on, snapdeal(501rupees)

i hope that helps..
i've read the first 3 chapters of the HFSJ and i'm finding it hard. Does anyone or everyone felt that too? What should i do? Should i start read and code from the beginning??

help me
I've cleared the OCPJP exam and started preparing for WCD exam. I wanna ask that can i start my coding on APIs like eclipse n all? Is it a good idea or should i stick to the command prompt and notepad,