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Recent posts by Dinesh Kumar Ramakrishnan

Hi Rico Papillon,

I am confused with use case why you are navigating to question.html once i selected question number. how can i select one more question option from question.html
Try to use ES6 Map or Set functions. Or else go with reduce method
Welcome to coderanch.

Yes, you can but scope variable to save locally in JS variable and it will be destroyed once it's page refreshed. you can use some placeholder api endpoint to test your application.
You can use regex match or string replace to do this in the interceptor

Dinesh Kumar Ramakrishnan wrote:We cannot directly modify the request URL in intercept method, Since url is const in HttpRequest

We need to close the request object and modify URL something like below.

We cannot directly modify the request URL in intercept method, Since url is const in HttpRequest

We need to close the request object and modify URL something like below.

Welcome to CodeRanch in your file comment is not proper and broken img tag code. Below i have written the working version with changes. Learn more about setIntervel here :
I guess your angular version and prime ng angular version is not matching. Please update your angular version to 5 or downgrade prime ng to v4.

Yes, it's possible with chrome developer tool.  Select the DOM element which you want to check the dom event listener and switch to event lister tab. you will get a list of events for the dom element.

Like here :

Reference :

Sorry, the link is unreachable!
Hi All,

I am developing an application in nodejs expressjs framework with mongodb backend. i'll receive data from mongodb and pass as model of for JADE template it will render the page.

I want to integrate angualrjs 2 for form validation, live search, filters and some of DOM modification. I am not sure we can target the DOM element directly to init angular application without specifying template like angular 1 .

Could someone please help me how to init angular2  in already rendered html jade.


priyanshi bhardwaj wrote:hii.. Actually I am new to fiddle tool can you please tell me how to post code on fiddle.

jsFiddle will provide environment  to execute your html,css & js codes in online and share with URL link
Please post your code in JSFiddle with all your lib files. That will be helpful for debug

Responsive web design is the approach, To make your web pages responsive in all screen sizes and devices.

It's a more of css media query work. If you are familiar with CSS you can start using popular css framework like bootstrap or materializecss

priyanshi bhardwaj wrote:I fixed the above error thanks but now i am getting another error

  • Cannot find module './lib/mongodb'
       at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:469:15)

  • this error is for app.js. Can you help me with this but still i am unable to retrieve database i have checked all the things which you have mentioned above they exists in the database.

    You need install mongodb npm package to resolve this error. (npm install mongodb)

    Start with simple example.Try to create node end point with mongodb collection retrieval first, Later implement add/delete etc. Use mongoose to connect mongodb and fellow the below tutorial to connect node with monogodb

    Never give up!