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Recent posts by Fernando Almeida

Welcome  Kishori Sharan! Thanks for the book
4 years ago
Welcome Kathy and Bates. I Read the legendary book of SCJP 6, and thanks for the contribution to community.
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, thanks a lot for this book. I'll use it a lot!

I already sent the email to the team with the delivery details.

Thanks for CodeRanch team and thank for the authors for the book!    

olze oli wrote:they dont send user agents, they send browser fingerprints. If you are familiar with web technologies, you should know that most people will get uniquely identified by this information. Thats the reason i dont want to penetrate my users with the google stuff as it should be a users choice if he wants to share data with google or not. Its a real PITA, just the same with that google play store. But thats a different story.

I understand, from this point of view, you're right. Maybe use another third party vendor? not good too..

olze oli wrote:How should it work when i use a library like grecaptcha ? Please explain the data flow to me to have UI and business logic separated (the UI and the business logic run on separated machines in the data center).
Also, what do you mean with "grecaptcha" ? Do you mean "reCAPTCHA" ? If so, please read my first post.

Yeah, "grecaptcha" mean reCaptcha from google, but the information to google is less than first versions of this captcha mechanism..
See here, they made an huge progress since they created this thing:

Bur i understand you if you don't want to send any information to google haha.... Today they send mainly user-agent information...
How about to use grecaptcha from google, its all javascript-based...
Hi guys and welcome to Coderanch.
Actually i'm working with Spring Boot and oAuth2 for Authentication and i'm wathching for this book. Thanks and enjoy the forum like we do every week!
Hi Gupta and everyone!

I'm waiting for this book do continue studying to OCA java8, I already have OCA java7 and i'm very hopeful to win this book. Thanks for helping the Java Community Gupta!
You're a student or you already work with java? (EE or something related);
Good Score, Congrats!!!
8 years ago
8 years ago
Great score, congrats!!
8 years ago
Great score, congrats!!
8 years ago