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Recent posts by sriramamurthy sunkara

Today,I appeared OCE-WS exam 1z0-897 exam and I cleared it.
Big thanks to Mikalai Zaikin, Your notes and quiz helped during preparation. With your motivation i have completed exact one month preparation.
One more person behind my success, He is Frits Walraven. your quiz helped to check my knowledge and score. Real test also i got almost same score.
I missed some best practice and security related question because lack of experience.

Once again Big thanks to both Mikalai Zaikin, Frits Walraven.
Over all nice Experience and challenging task to complete exact one month.

Srirama Sunkara

Great score David Lizarraga.
I am also preparing for exam. JAX-RS which version should i refer as part of This exam. I have done some examples using jersy 1.8 api. Any one can help me, if i am not right way.
preparing those books which you suggested.
I am facing error "javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input length must be multiple of 8 when decrypting with padded cipher" while calling decode/encode the string . After some time decode function not working.if i restart the application then same function is working fine. I am strange this kind of issues. Any body help me to resolve this issue.
Recently i have upgraded my jdk1.6.0_30 to jdk1.6.0_75. I don't know this issue was exist before migration. I have identified recently. Please find the code snippet.

str = URLDecoder.decode(str,UTF8);

byte[] dec = new BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(str);
// Decrypt
byte[] utf8 = dCipher.doFinal(dec);
str = URLDecoder.decode(str,UTF8);

str=URLEncoder.encode(encrypt(str), UTF8);
byte[] utf8 = str.getBytes(UTF8);
// Encrypt
byte[] enc = eCipher.doFinal(utf8);
String encode=new BASE64Encoder().encode(enc);
5 years ago

Ishan Dalal wrote:Hi All,

Today I Have managed to clear OCEJWSD (Web Service Developer) Exam . Thanks to GOD , My Fallow Ranchers & My Family Members.

It took me one and half month with 7-8 hrs daily study n coding.

Study Material I have used

- Web Service Up & Running 2nd ed
- MZ Quiz & Study Guide
- SOA Using JAVA Web Service by Mark Hansen
- SOA course at my collage
- Jersey Documentation 1.18 (Chap 1 to 5)
- WSIT Tutorial
- JAVA EE 6 Tutorials
- SAAJ API 1.3
- for practical implementation
- Enthuware mock Exams

Exam wasn't that much tough .It contains more question about SOA than the programing exercise .
Enthuware's exams are much harder than actual exams.

Congrats ishan . I am preparing for exam. Thanks for yours suggestions.
5 years ago

Frits Walraven wrote:Hi!

Welcome to Coderanch!!

What did try, so far? Did you read Ivan's and/or Mikalai notes about this?


Thanks.. for wishes. Both notes i have started reading. Just practice JAX-WS Basic authentication example code deployed into tomcat server. when i am accessing wsdl file. it is asking user and password and displaying wsdl. i am tring to generate client stubs by using wsimport tool. i am unable to generate stubs becasue of basic authentication. is this right way to provide security? and if yes how to pass basic authentication details to wsimport tool.

Hi All
I am preparing Web Service certification and doing sample application. i am getting confuse how to generate stubs for container secure web service WDSL.