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Recent posts by Ray Clark

I found the problem. I should have had an ajax call.

I don't think that it was calling the setter because the calendar wasn't in the same form as the submit button. I had tried ajax calls that I found online but I think the API changed, I found the documentation to version 5 which we are using that that spelled out exactly what I needed to do.

Thank you for your help.
9 years ago
I didn't post the full xhtml page. There are actually 12 radio buttons on the page and the submit button is in a different xhtml page.

I'm new to PrimeFaces and JSF so I'm sure it is something simple. I did searches on the web and have tried various things. I tried putting an ajax call in the calendar component but that didn't cause it to execute the setter. I very easily could have coded it wrong though.

Here is the command button:

9 years ago
I have a PrimeFaces page with a calendar component on it. Radio buttons on that page work fine and call the setter method on the back end. The Calendar however doesn't call the setter. The getter method is called on page display.

I'm using the PrimeFaces v 5.0 jar file.

Does anyone see what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks, code follows:

9 years ago
Thank you. I don't think that rate limiting is the problem. I switched to the Spring Social API and now it is running fine.

Hopefully my Architect will let me use the Spring Social API lol.
When calling Facebook the call works sometimes and then the same call will fail with a SocketException timed out, and then work on the next call. I've tried closing the connection when the SocketException happens but nothing seems to work, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Here's the code:

There is a project at work that makes calls out to Facebook.

Currently the code gets a socket exception sometimes. When it does it tries to clean up (code I added), sleeps and then retries. Problem is, it continues to get a socket exception so the clean up isn't working. The program finally gives up but subsequent runs of the program (it's cronned) work. I haven't used httpGet and httpClient before, does anyone have any advice on how to clean things up and reestablish the connection?

This is what the code looks like right now:

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Bear. BTW, I really like the redesign of the forum that you have in Beta.
11 years ago
Thank you, I knew that some of these weren't allowed in UNIX (I haven't used UNIX to create files in a few years). I didn't realize that Windows doesn't allow these either.
11 years ago
My file download works good, except when certain characters are in the file name.

When I have the following characters in the file name Firefox replaces the characters with an underscore. Does anyone know why???

The characters that don't work are: * < > | / : ; ? \ "

So my file name is ExportTest*Asterisk and Firefox changes it to ExportTest_Asterisk

(I'm sorry if this should have been posted in another forum, I wasn't sure which one to pic for this question.)

Here is my code snippet:
11 years ago
Just to let everyone know, I have been doing some work from home since 2005 so I have plenty of practice and understand the pitfalls.

If anyone has a work from home position for an experienced Java Web developer, please consider me.

Thank You.
11 years ago
I have a need to start working from home. I am an experienced Java developer (10+ years) and have used a variety of different tools. If you have an opening for a self motivated java developer that can work from home please contact me.

Thank You
11 years ago
I have everything set up but I can't seem to get authentication to work. I think my problem might be how to tell Cassandra where the access.properties and passwd.properties files are. Here is what I've tried in the cassandra.bat file:

I first tried specifying it on the CASSANDRA_PARAMS line as this:

set CASSANDRA_PARAMS=-Dcassandra -Dcassandra-foreground=yes -Dpasswd.properties=%CASSANDRA_HOME%\conf\passwd.properties -Daccess.properties=%CASSANDRA_HOME%\conf\access.properties

I then tried specifying it on the JAVA_OPTS line as follows:


No matter what I try I keep getting this:

I am calling HFactory.createCluster as follows:

I ran it in debug and I know the correct username and password are being passed in so I'm guessing that Cassandra can't find the properties files.

Any ideas?

11 years ago
Thank you Kathleen. That confirms what was going on with my program.

11 years ago
I am using GWT 2.5.0. I am trying to do client side logging with GWT.Log("log message");

The log message doesn't show up anyplace that I can find. I am running the app as a Web Application so it is using the App Engine.

The app was created from the GWT example project in Eclipse and I don't see any .gwt.xml file.

Can someone tell me where it is logging or how to configure client side logging to get it to show up?

Thank You.
11 years ago
We have a class at work with a main method that is run from a UNIX shell script. From what I understand it runs fine if it is started once but has problems if 2 of them are running at the same time.

The class might be something like this:

As you can see the class uses Spring for dependency injection.

The question is, if two MainClass objects are running at the same time on the same server will Spring inject the same AnotherClass object (scoped as a Singleton) into both MainClass objects that are running?

Would the two MainClass objects be running in their own JVM so Spring would inject a unique AnotherClass object into each of them?

I'm not sure how this would work. Any suggestions?

Thank You.
11 years ago