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Recent posts by santbir singh

i all ready used jquery but the page is working only in firefox but not working in all other browser
I want to include b.html into index.html . I am sending you code
please check the following code :-

code for index.html is following

No this is file b.htm to be included in index.html

i don't know where i am making mistake
could you give any example if you have or any link where i can read about html inclusion with ajax ?
I am sorry if you didn't understand what i mean. so i am going explain. Please first read this two files

this is home page index.jsp

Now this is next file i am sending to you is navigationbar.jsp (I could make it html file but didn't becuase i was working on tomcat)

css style sheet (component.css)

css style sheet (style.css)

css style sheet (Navibar.css)

These style sheets are also attached in attachement

Now you can see that i have include one file(navigationbar.jsp) in other file (index.jsp) with jsp scripltets ( <%@include file="navigationbar.jsp" %> )
So what i was asking is that is it possible to use this code in html pages using javascript ? Becuase i want to execute these web pages(by saving as .html) on non tomcat server(non java server).

i also used iframe in Html but prooved useless (because submenu will not be visible if we set the iframe size width=1000px and height=40px).
i also used jquery (.load() ) but this was also useless (because it is working only on firefox only)

Now i am looking if it is posiible to use jsp tag(<%@include file="navigationbar.jsp" %>) in html with the help of javascript.

you will not be able to see the header and footer section becuase i didn't sent those files(header.jsp , about.html, footer.jsp)
Hello everyone

I want to include navigation bar in html page which should work in all browsers. To include navigation bar i am using following methods.

I want to use jsp tag(include tag) in javascript beccause by using this way i can include html page in anothe html page. I could do that in html by Iframe or .load() method of jquery but these method have some errors
like in iframe i can't use navigation bar because in iframe having size of 1000px and 40px i am unable to see submenu of navigation bar. On other hand, if i am using jquery then .load() method working only in firefox rather than others like opera, IE, chrome. Also tell me if i will use jsp tag in javascript then it will run without tomcat server or not?

So please help me anyone.
Hello I am sorry i am not understanding what you mean. I think my code was unable to understand and readable. But I am looking now to my code it seems fine. I think you correct it for me .
One other thing you was asking about the application name loginapp and LoginApp.

I want to clear that loginapp is my previous application which was solved by setting the classpath

and LoginApp is second application where i got stuck and the solution of setting classpath is not working.

If you understand please reply

loginapp and LoginApp is two different application not the name same application name

9 years ago
Hello sir i am new to java and using Apache Tomcat 7.0.22

and i am trying to compile two classes (one is servlet and second is java class called by servlet). After completing my coding i tried to compile both classes first i comiled java classes which was successfully compiled and .class file created but when i tried to compile servlet file its gave me error at the line where i created and instantiate object for java class.

I also got this problem before that time but i solved it by seting the classpath in cmd by putting the command:-

set classpath = .; C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache Tomcat 7.0.22\webapps\loginnapp\WEB-INF\classes\;

in this folder i contained to java files ( and (

code for previous was working fine ...

but now second time i got this problem again and i again used this trick but fail to solve the problem. i set the classpath as i setted previously:-

set classpath = .; C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache Tomcat 7.0.22\webapps\LoginApp\WEB-INF\classes\;

in this folder i contained to java files ( and (

but this time my classpath trick is not working some guys saying that we can set the classpath onetime only second class path not accepted and some says we have to set the both classpath old and new (in one time) because when we set one classpath and after that we set second it removes previous one. I can't understand what that mean

but i am searching for fix (all in one) solution that will work for all application... No seperate path for seprate application
why this problem creates an issue in window 7 please help me to find solution .... if anybody fix it permanently.....

here is code for my servlet:-

9 years ago