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Recent posts by alpa

Is-a relationship happens when there are two classes.When we say ObjectA is a Object B, it invloves two classes .
Interface is not class, but it is blue print of what you can do with the objects of the class that implements that interface.
Eg. if we take a set of alphnumeric keys as an interface.
The interface has english alphabets, numbers and soem extra keys.
The computer class when implements this interface we use it in a bit diferent way as comaped if it is implemented by a cell phone class.
We cannot say a cell phone is a computer because it implements the same interface.
This is a weak relationship we can say cellphone is a kind of computer.

On the other hand.
If we have class called Processor.
Computer extends Processor and PDA also extends Processor.

so we can ssay PDA is a Computer.Its a strong relationship and we are usign two class for it.
12 years ago

Assusming that you are doing all the file realted operations.Opening Reading and then writing again.Is that how you will change the value of $1 and $2.

Read the line in a String or StringBuffer and do string manipulation.
hope this helps.
12 years ago

I have done this using JDeveloper , generate the java from WSDL.
When you are generating a java from WSDL there will be wsdl port and method which are called operation.
There will be some documentation on all this
Here are some points whcih might help you to start.
1) what is the webservice functionality?
2) What are the inputs to the webservice and what is the output.
3) You can test Webservice as a regualr Java applciation.

In JDeveloper there is an option called "TestHArness" which are usually sued to test the webservice.
12 years ago
Software Framework :- A framework is set of API and rules which helps and allows you to make an application.The framework gives you certain infrasturcutre and you then add your business needs in that.
It takes care of low-level things like, establishing a connection, memory management etc.

Software Architecture :- Its the design style of the application and also certain rules for development and deployment of the software.

API :- Set of predefined classes and methods enabling you to use them in you application development.

Software package :- Any business module which is depicted using all the above or any of the above mentioned.
13 years ago