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Recent posts by nir sharma

I tried the first option, it still isn't working. I'm getting this:

I think here the ip and port are important, can you tell me what to use.
First tried the same thing as you have mentioned.
Then I tried with localhost and the same port.
and then with localhost and port 4447.
None of these worked.
Can you tell me whether I need to make any changed in JBOSS xml files.

See here is the socket binding list, and there no socket for IIOP. (not whether this is the problem area.)

Can you provide further guidance or any suggestion on further changes I need to make.


Vinod Tiwari wrote:Did you check JBoss IIOP website?

I have already mentioned that in my post.
11 years ago
How to configure EJB 3 remote deployed on Jboss AS 7 and client on Tomcat to use RMI-IIOP for object transfer. Right now I'm using HTTP which, as I'm told, is not appropriate if I want to handle transactions.
So can anyone tell me the procedure or what all changes I need to make in lookup.
Also I tried this link but I'm unable to understand many things there some are:
I dont have jboss.xml in my project so where to make it, why we need it (my demo project is working fine without it).
how to create JNDI using admin console, (I'm unable to find this one, though I have created datasource quite easily).

Also can someone tell me the difference in standalone.xml and standalone-full.xml.

P.S. I'm new to JBoss and ejb so please provide a step by step procedure or a hint for me to work on.

11 years ago
Can anyone give me any suggestion on this as I'm unable to find anything over the internet.
If you can provide any link related to this will also be very helpful.

I installed a tomcat server (6 update 35), it installed without any issue and started but when I opened the homepage "http://localhost:8080", it showed 404 error.
The tomcat error file contained this error :

tomcat status showed started. I even reinstalled it but the problem is still there.
Can anyone tell me the reason behind this issue and how to resolve it?
11 years ago
I am working on a web application which is based on struts 2 framework and is deployed on tomcat. Now I have to implement ejb and hibernate for the same application and I'm told that it will be a separate module which will be deployed on jBoss AS 7 server. What I want to know is that is this a good approach or will it be better to deploy the complete project on jBoss and remove tomcat from the picture? (and why?)
Also can you give me a link where I can find the way to make a remote call from tomcat(web service) to jBoss (ejb).

P.S. : Mods, I wasn't sure about where to post my question because its also related to jBoss so if I have posted in the wrong forum then please move it to the appropriate one.
can you paste your complete stacktrace.

this is what I got when I tried to start the JBoss from command prompt after removing "@Echo off". I'm unable to understand what exactly is the problem. Can anyone help.
11 years ago
I'm new to JBoss and trying to configure it.
I unzipped JBoss-as-7.1.1 in root directory, from command prompt when I go to bin and type "standalone.bat" and press enter I see:
Calling "D:\jboss-as-7.1.1\bin\standalone.conf.bat"
and control return to the directory. when I check in browser (http://localhost:8080) the page is not displayed.
Though its running fine from eclipse.
Can anyone help me with this.
11 years ago
well I am unable to find a way to get the 'wrong column name' through exception. lets see what others have to say about this.
as of now what I can think of is that you can use column index rather than column name to avoid this thing.
if you have to do this, then there is a long way, get the column name using meta data and then compare them.(I dont think its a good way to go about it though)
you can catch the SQLExecption and throw new SQLException with your message.

I have used below code but my program is going into infinite loop. can you please help me on this.

I wonder how thats happening, your program should rather throw an exception.
you are reading next line twice
you dont need to user substring method if you need complete line
11 years ago

Vasant Chandra wrote:how can I make the program to go again to the "if" block to check if the new line is starting with E or not?

using the first while loop you have written for scanner.
11 years ago
use code tag while posting your code, makes it easy to understand.

rather than using nested while cant you use if condition to check if character at 0 index or starting with 'E', and inside just append "\n" for new line to your String, and outside if block, keep appending the lines.
thats my suggestion to make your code simpler.
11 years ago
well, you wont get a ready to use code here, try and write on your own using your logic and concepts , if you face any difficulty then post it.
11 years ago