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- This query works fine in sql but in HQL when I use session.createQuery(sqlQuery) , i get error saying unexpected token (

Thanks in Advance!!
Got it resolved by adding

and listener method in Manager
6 years ago

I have a dataTable with checkbox in header and check box in each row , when checkbox in header is selected all the rows will be selected.
When I select one/more rows a button should be enabled which is happening because a listener is invoked when a row is selected / unselected.
When I select the checkbox in header all the rows are getting selected but the listener is not invoked..what am I missing here..

My xhtml :

My Manager Class :

I am using primefaces-3.5 , javax.faces-2.1.14
I cannot upgrade my primefaces..

Thanks in Advance..
6 years ago
I am using log4j.xml in a web application , when I do the following the logs are created but the logs are not written
Stop the application server.
Add war file to deployments folder.
Start the application server.

But , when I do the following the logs are created and also logs are populated as expected.
Start the application server without any war in it.
then add the war file , it gets deployed.

My App Server - Jboss 6.3 EAP.

I am build a maven project which have a an other project as dependency.

pom.xml of Project B contains dependency of Project A. What I am looking for is when I build Project B , the project A should build first and should be moved to repository mentioned in my repositories section and then using that project A artifact from maven repo Project B should be built.

7 years ago

Am able to send logs to syslog but the daily rolling is not happening.How to do it..?
Below is my log4j.xml

<appender name="AsyncEnter" class="org.apache.log4j.AsyncAppender">
<appender-ref ref="RemoteAsyncEnter" />

<appender name="RemoteAsyncEnter" class="">
<param name="syslogHost" value="" />
<layout class="org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout">
<param name="ConversionPattern" value="- %m%n" />

<logger name="Enter" additivity="false">
<level value="info" />
<appender-ref ref="AsyncEnter" />

Greg Charles - Thank You for the suggestion.

I cannot overwrite the log file with the newly added records as the log file is being populated from an external system. But I have the read access to the file and can read the records from it but the problem here is am reading all the records everytime which I do not want.

Richard Tookey - Thank You for the suggestion.

Yes I agree with you, counting the number of lines will not be fast enough since to find the 'n'th line ..
I do not have control over the process of writing the records to the log file.
How do I proceed with the size based approach ?
7 years ago

I want to run a shell script which retrieves only the newly added records from the last time the script is run.

A log file is created at 12:00 pm and new records get added to it every second.

A shell script is made to run every 30 minutes to retrieve the newly added records.
If the script is run at 12:30 pm, it must only the records between 12:00 and 12:30 pm.
If the script is run at 01:00 pm, it must only the records between 12:30 and 01:00 pm.

Note: The log have the date along time but I do not want to trace the records for the date/time.
Can I achieve something like this using the size of the file.

Any suggestions ?

7 years ago
Got it working !!

Added <param name="MaxBackupIndex" value="3"/> to the configuration

value 3 means number of files to be created

Would it be possible to rotate and create log files based on size. Say, if my maximum limit is 2MB .
Once the log file abc.log reaches size of 2MB a new log file with name abc_1.log should be created and abc.log should become empty.
Again when abc.log reached size of 2MB there should be a new file created with name abc_2.log

Is this possible with log4j.xml in any App Server like JBoss ,Tomcat..

I tried this

But abc.log.1 is created and the rest are not created. Infact , abc.log.1 is getting overidden and the previous logs are lost.

Thanks !!
Can anyone suggest any forums(other than Stackoverflow) where I can get help on this..
Any Help Guys..?

Iam using Solr 4.3. My solrconfig.xml

My schema.xml

"Description" is a column in a Database Table -

CopyField -

FieldType -

In DB I have details like

When I query as


Returns me only - movie
I want the solr to return the below as suggestions which is not happening :(

What configuration need to be updated

I have also tried



Is /suggest component faster than the /select ? I can have only the required columns indexed and and return only the required fields data. In such case is /select not same as /suggest ?

Thanks in Advance!!
Thanks Shiva, so what do you suggest for a 3/3.5 year experienced Java guy to go with.

Option 1 : OCPJP 6 then OCPJP 7 ?
Option 2 : OCAJP 7 then OCPJP 7 ?

Sorry my Question is similar to the one below but I seriously need your suggestions on this

Shivi Kashyap wrote:
You can prepare yourself for OCAPJP6 exam instead of OCPJP7 (which requires one more exam to pass to be a java programmer) but with OCPJP, there is no issue.

Sorry, Did not understand this.

For OCPJP 7 certification we have to write two exams OCAJP 7 and OCPJP 7 where as for OCPJP 6 we have only one exam..?