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Recent posts by M Mohile

Is the book "Mastering Large Datasets wtih Python" helpful for application developers who wish to gain knowledge in the field of data science? Also, it would be nice if we can know how shall it benefit someone who has good experience in data science?
3 years ago
This might start a new revolution in programming industry where there shall be one language for front-end as well as back-end. Frameworks need to be developed though which offer features like dependency injection and persistence. Indeed a long way to go...
While looking at the contents of the book "TypeScript Quickly", a note took my attention which said, "I’ve seen the future and it is TypeScript". Does that mean that TypeScript can even run on Back-end server where it can perform transactions? Is the note trying to say that there shall be a common programming language that shall run on front-end as well as back-end and that developers shall have only one common programming language viz. TypeScript? If that's true, please explain how is this possible?

Bear Bibeault wrote:I'd argue that the class system in TypeScript is based on ES6, not Java's class system.

what is different in TypeScript's class system when comparing the same with Java?
Is it necessary to know JavaScript for learning Typescript? Or what are the advantages one shall have if they are good with JavaScript when it comes to learning Typescript?
Thanks Johnston for your revert.

E Johnston wrote:
Statistics: Advanced QC involves interesting correlations and Monte Carlo-style sampling, so people who do enjoy the world of hard-core statistics will have years of fascinating material to explore. :]

If any Analyst/Programmer in the field of financial analytics is reading this, you surely have received double icing on your cake.
3 years ago
It would be helpful if the authors would let us know whether mathematics, statistics is necessary in understanding quantum computing?
If yes, would like them to help us know the topics that need good understanding before we all deep dive into the world of qubits.
3 years ago

Tools like Pandas (used in Python), are really used on "small data" because they require 5-10 times the RAM:  http://wesmckinney.com/blog/apache-arrow-pandas-internals/.  

Modifying the URL link : Apache Arrow and the "10 Things I Hate About pandas"  since the URL  above does not work when period is included in the URL after last forward slash.

Anyways, thanks Noah for your reply.
What is the use of frameworks like Apache Spark and Kafka in AI? Can machine learning be learnt without the knowledge of Apache Spark and Kafka?
What are the advantages that anyone shall be having if he/she knows these frameworks in addition to libraries like NumPy, Pandas etc.?
Can this book help me in learning the introductory lessons in artificial intelligence with respect to fraud detection, algorithmic trading, underwriting etc. in finance industry ? If yes, does it explain the same using real-life scenarios?

Found the link : http://www.javaranch.com/journal/200409/Journal200409.jsp#a3.
This one is written by Mr. Tom Tolman.

One of the best and interesting articles for understanding layout managers.

Anyways, thanks folks for your support and suggestions.

6 years ago
Hi folks,

There was a wonderful small tutorial on the coderanch site about Java Swings that explained how simple elements like JPanel, GridBagLayout, TextBoxes can be created. Unfortunately, I tried searching over google, on the coderanch site but no luck. Can anybody help me with the link...Note that the tutorial was an old one but gave a good conceptual knowledge about Java Swings for beginners. Thanks.
6 years ago
Hi Vinay,

Welcome to Ranch!!

There is nowhere mentioned in Java docs how much size a reference variable shall consume. It is implementation dependent. Reference variables, if referring to objects contains a bit-pattern that represents a way to get to the object on the heap. In case of primitives, it simply contains bits representing that value.

Local variables are not assigned any values by default unlike instance variables. So, there is no way they can return any value.

1) Can I use myapp.mytags instead of 'mytags' in the following code? If yes, do you need to make any changes?

--> Yes. You simply need to make a directory with name as 'myapp' where the properties files shall be placed.

2) How does Java runtime find the .properties files? Is it related to importing it or the system PATH?

--> You don't need to import anything. The Java runtime searches for the directory 'myapp' from where the application was started.