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Recent posts by chris coleman

Thanks for your reply Jeanne.

I know when it was and am still bringing this up because how it was handled was not fair and not right.  I did my part, opened the issue immediately at the time with Paul on email and he gave me the run around, or so it would appear, the book didn't arrived despite his claiming in several emails that it was sent.

I'd be willing to accept a current giveaway book such as the Java 9 book or something enterprise java architect certification related or something else that is a hot topic.
4 years ago
Paul Wheaton wrote:

> Please post this to the ranch office forum.

On Sun, Jun 25, 2017 at 12:09 AM, chris coleman <> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I never received my copy of the book Java NIO.  I emailed in more than once
> and Tom said he resent it yet it didn't arrive. Then he didn't reply and I learn
> now that he's retired from the ranch.  What do we do to make this right?
> -Chris Coleman
> On Monday, April 21, 2003, 1:45:09 PM EDT, Thomas Paul <>
> wrote:
> Congratulations!
> You are one of the winners of this week's book
> giveaway, "Java NIO".
> Send me your snail mail address and I will see that
> the publisher sends you a copy of the book.
> Tom - Sheriff at
> Gustavo Adolpho Bonesso
> Ilja Preuss
> jason adam
> chris coleman
4 years ago
Hi Paul, congratulations on your book,

Since you have a close working knowledge of the EJB 2.0 spec for writing your book and it sample code, and maybe you also have a grasp of EJB 3.0, my question is:

What other features/enhancements, that reach beyond today's EJB 3.0 spec, do you think would be necessary to really make EJB technology the most widespread, high performance, business component object model of choice in the java world ??
[ July 26, 2005: Message edited by: chris coleman ]
Here is a question for the authors.

Can you make some comments on the scalability and clustering abilities of a fully spring based web application that does not use a separate persistence layer or presentation layer framework.

Suppose you have 50,000 simultaneous web clients and you desire to use clustering in order to keep the site running at a very high level of reliability in the face of possible hardware or software failure..

Is it possible and wise to architect a site totally on spring, using today's current version of the spring framework ??

CHris Coleman
Matthew, that was it.

I manually copied a new <Host> tag into the correct spot in server.xml and set its parameter values to correspond to that particular apache virtual host, and now Tomcat 4.1.27 is correctly running JSP code.

Thanks mate.

I will upgrade to Tomcat 5 when your book arrives...

Chris Coleman
17 years ago
What is your email address ??

Originally posted by <Jennifer Drury>:
IA 3855-04
Job Title: Java Application Developer (Client-side)


17 years ago
1. There is only one instance of TOmcat running... in other words, only one JVM process is running Tomcat..

2. I have not setup virtual hosting in Tomcat, so obviously this is where I will look first.

DOes your book have a section on How to setup virtual hosting in TOmcat ??

Are Tomcat 4 and Tomcat 5 the same when it comes to setting up virtual hosting ??

[ March 03, 2005: Message edited by: chris coleman ]
[ March 03, 2005: Message edited by: chris coleman ]
17 years ago
Yes Matthew it is a problem right now, running on Tomcat 4.1.27


One of the apache virtualhosts is sending JSP's to tomcat for processing, and the JSP's are running as they are supposed to.

The other virtual host: when I put the same line in the virtual host section of apache's httpd.conf for this host (the line is "JkMount /*.jsp ajp13"), tomcat is activated, but for ANY AND ALL jsp's, it shows ONLY the tomcat welcome page ?! "If you're seeing this page via a web browser, it means you've setup Tomcat successfully. Congratulations!" And all the images on this welcome page are broken ?!

How do you cure this problem ??

Do you have an idea, a solution, or a troubleshooting procedure ??
17 years ago
Hey Matthew,

So it looks like you're good at Tomcat..?

Here are two question for you !

Does your book offer a guide on painlessly upgrading from TOmcat 4 to 5 on multiple platforms..?? (linux, windows, solaris, etc... )

And does your book have a troubleshooting guide, for example, what do you do when tomcat processes JSP's on one virtual host, and NOT on another virtual host ???
17 years ago
Congratulations on the book, Scott.

Here is a question for you:
Which parts of your book were the most a) challenging b) time consuming c) exciting for you to write ?
How long did it take you to write your book?
What versions of JUinit do you cover in there?
What was the hardest part for you to write about?
18 years ago
If you were to think about all the exam topics you wrote about for your new book, which topic was the trickiest for you to successfully write about?
when you think about one missing thing in the java programming language... what comes to mind?
Here is question.. what would you do to integrate these three pieces, so that the unit test and build processes are aware of and correctly handle the aspects introduced by AspectJ.
18 years ago
How much incredibly more dominant do you foresee all EJB and J2EE servers becoming, once the new open source Apache Geronimo J2EE-certified server software becomes available?
[ August 14, 2003: Message edited by: chris coleman ]