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Recent posts by Kishor Joshi

Ok Just a question I have a URL and that will reply JSON data which contain both Bitmaps and Plain Text

I want to countinue download that data and not lost when device change orientation .which one I should use

1)Async Task

2)Download Manager

(If possible please explain why is one is better than other)
7 years ago
I don't want to use DownloadManager I will use AsyncTask to get JSON Data and then Parse It.
I want to preserve that Download not Android's built in DownloadManager
7 years ago
But as per this document on android developer site

Handling the configuration change yourself can make it much more difficult to use alternative resources, because the system does not automatically apply them for you. This technique should be considered a last resort when you must avoid restarts due to a configuration change and is not recommended for most applications.

so I also want different layout in both mode(portrait and landscape).

let me explain my use case

I am designing an application which has a blogs Option in navigation drawer.So whethar the device is in landscpae or Portrait or user switch between these two modes ,data that is downloading from server using async task
should be countinue download.and once download is complete it should update blogs layout whethar it is in landscpae or portrait

So what solution I should use
1)Retain an Object during Configuration Change
2)Handling Configuration Changes yourself
7 years ago

That's most easily done by NOT having your app respond automatically to orientation changes, via the mechanism I mentioned in my previous post.

so where will be async task run in my case in main activity because I will replace fragment when orientation of device changes what I need to call something like setRetainInstance() and in onCreate() get
that instance object from fragment in activity and pass that object to another fragment of same selection item in navigation drawer.Is that what you are suggesting

7 years ago
my requirement is I want to show two different layout of same selected item from navigation drawer for both in landscape and portrait mode.And I also want to preserve network state and data download in one section.

How can I meet these changes
7 years ago
Hi there

My requirement is very simple I am using a navigation drawer in my app and I want to display different layout for same selected value on landscape and portrait orientation so far I think I need to handle these things

*Async Tasks
*Data in App

so what other things are needed to handle properly I am following Single activity and multiple fragments paradigm of navigation drawer
7 years ago
That I also think because so far I didn't find any way to extract attribute value from an HTML tag
7 years ago
Yes I am getting data from server like this

"This is my first text and it countinue  <a href="">This is Link</a>.This is my second text and this text countinue"

so what I am facing problem so far is getting href value from anchor tag

I have general question what is proper way to send HTML text as JSON to android?
7 years ago
Hi there

I am working in an application In which their is blogs section.blogs data is coming from server as a form of html tags
My question is so far I found two ways to parse HTML in android

1)Using JSoup
2)Using Html.formHtml()

which one to use and is there any other method to parse HTML in android?
7 years ago
but I want to generate a JSON from blog source data How can I do that?

blog can anchor and any html tag between text.
7 years ago
Hi all

I am designing a web application which has blog writing features like user can insert image,text,files at any place.

I have designed its UI problem I am facing is getting those value in server side and store them in same sequenance as they entered in textarea.

suppose In case information is in this order

so then I need to store that data in same order for further processing to create JSON

and same for others

How can I solve this?

7 years ago
Hi there

I am working on a travel industry product.
my requirement is client wants to make a website with hotel booking engine.from where customer can book hotel in different locations on different hotels.

problem I am facing is
how can I get realtime booking data from different hotels and connect them with my main booking engine?

7 years ago
yes I want to secure backends
8 years ago
Ok I have one more question realted to Rest Client Verfication

suppose my URL is like this


and I am using this from Android App and IOS app or other clients

so this URL is hard coded in my web application
so anyone who renginner my code can get that URL and can make a application which communicate in exactly same way as my application

so this is security hole
so how can I verfiy a REST clients that request is comming from trusted source?
8 years ago