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Recent posts by Vinod Bijlani

Guys, any sample tests available for RSA certification?

Hi Guys,
I am working on Retail solution and their is requirement to run that solution on a 1.2 Ghz and 1GB RAM machine typical POS machine configuration. The Application selected for this is solition is a EJB3 application and uses OpenJPA 1.2 for persistence. it needs websphere 7 for appserver. for db server derby and db2 is fine.

We are finding it hard to run WebSphere 7 on that machine as the base AppServer itself is talking around 700MB. with application and derby it is making the memory required to 1.5 GB. its NOT pratical to increase the memory on the machine as these are old machines and its very expensive to upgrade them.

We have tried WebSphere 7 provisioning but hasn't helped much. any other thoughts here?


14 years ago
Hi Guys,
anyone preparing for the WPS certification (093). any question banks available?
SW428 & BI861 seems to cover quite a bit of the exam objectives. any other resources?
cleared it. it was not tough. i have worked on WAS v6 for a few months. the level would quiet similar to the sample test but questions didnt repeat atleast in my case.
additional info
important things for the exam -
knowledge of SOA concepts & design.
knowledge of webservices standards (quite some questions on tht) -
WS-I, WS-I profile, WS-Addressing
Enterprise Security & WebServices Security, products used for
security implementations
sorry guys i didnt prepare any notes for this. just read through the
for an overview i did go through the podcast on ibm site
soa6fnd1.html (there are more podcasts i think in all 8)
they is some amount of marketing message but these are pretty ok
there were a few developerworks articles on SOA design which i dont
remmeber now but will post at later stage.
cleared SOA 665 test

For the questions i got in the test, the IBM courses (SW717, SW718 &
SW719) & SOA knowledge was good enough. got 74.58% (44 of 59)
Hi Guys,
does anyone have any questions for 252. chinatag, cettfx etc? will be giving the test on monday
appreciate the help.
i too am trying to find answers to these questions...
Yes. Tivoli Monitoring can used to monitor all the processes (daemons) on system. What Tivoli does is ps -ef on the system for finding whether the
process is runing or not.

Additional End to End Monitoring - Write servlet or jsp to simulate a dummy transaction which takes to all the components in ur system. On Success or Failure it returns some HTML back. configure the monitoring system to call that servlet & interpret the html returned back. if failure send alerts.

hope this helps.
17 years ago
i think the ibm online courses - SW717,SW718 & SW719 should suffice for the exam.
i have started a yahoo group on this,
Hi Guys,
I have started working on WID modeler & designing a POC. its a simple order application. i came across the following questions while using the WID modeler
- What can be defined as a process?
- what should be a component?

thanks & regards
17 years ago
Hi Guys,
anyone preparing for the IBM Test 665: Architectural Design of SOA Solutions

i have started preparing for it. if anyone is interested in giving this test maybe we can synergize efforts

guys does anyone have the prime testing questions for WAS v6?
i have worked in similar situations but looking back makes me think thts given me more experience.. doesnt working more (with putting in thoughts/smartness) give you more experience? know more about ur work?
my country is trying to come up to the level where all developed countries are. who said tht was easy??
9-5 is tough in a organization which is expanding at 300% every year & has to compete against cash rich companies ...not everyone is google,ebay
doesn't mean to say we should lose humour or fun out of life ...
18 years ago
are there any mock exams for MQ 296?? plan to give the exam soon
thanks ahmed the above info is helpful
[ May 19, 2005: Message edited by: Vinod Bijlani ]