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I need a direction to encode a screen which has a grid with a relationship between two lists of combos associative. On one side I have combo(s) of state and other combo(s) of the city, for each selected state should load the combo of town carrying all cities for this state.

I do not know how many combos of state will appear in the datatable as they would come up as a result of a iterator process.


uf [0] = 'SP'
city ​​[0] = 'Sao Paulo'
uf [1] = 'MG'
city ​​[1] = 'Belo Horizonte'
uf [2] = 'BA'
city ​​[2] = 'Savior'

My issue is to mount it on the screen, because I need to associate each combo with an item from this list and save it all by pressing a button.

As follow there is the code of the page and the associated class.

Thanks to collaboration, any instruction would be helpfull
Remembering the screen is using JSF 1.2 and



9 years ago
Thank you very much for your help, Shankar Tanikella, but i'm not longer working on the same project for a while, the company sent me to extinguish another fire. So, i'll might comming back to solve this issue soon, then i'll get back to this point where i already have a north.

Thanks very much, i appreciate the effots.
9 years ago

I would request a support to solve this problem that seems to be something simple but still have not found the solution.
According to research on the internet form should be getting initialized, but have not found a way to do it in the Action allowing the form to be loaded on the request.
Not sure if this is the real problem.
I'm putting all the files involving the situation, appreciate the cooperation in advance.

File 01 -

File 02 - EnvioDocumentosEscaneadosForm

File 03 - action-mappings.xml

File 04 - form-beans.xml

File 05 - struts-config.xml

File 06 - envioDocumentosEscaneados.jsp

File 07 - Stack-trace

9 years ago