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Hi, I would like to know: with programming practice and a real input into the simulator is one guaranteed to pass the exam? or any more tips welcome.
HI all, am working on project and just needed some hints on how to go about it, any help will be appreciated:

Project Description

A local high school in your community approached your company to develop a web
application for them. The purpose of this application is to manage information concerning
their students, courses, lecturers, venues and study modes. Your task is to
analyze their current process flow and create an XML based solution for modeling
and transferring their data. Their current process flow has the following constraints:

• Each student can only register for a maximum of two courses.
• Each lecturer can only teach a maximum of three courses.
• A course can only be taught by one lecturer.
• Each course can only have one venue.

The data requirements for the application is as follows:
1. Student Number(numerical only)
2. FirstName
3. LastName
4. Gender
5. Courses(courses registered for)
6. Study Mode(Full-Time or Part-Time)

1. Lecturer Number(numerical only)
2. FirstName
3. LastName
4. Gender
5. Courses(courses taught)
6. Study Mode(Full-Time or Part-Time)

1. Course Code (alphanumerical only)
2. lecturer
3. Course Description

1. Time
2. Location
Study Modes

Each student is grouped into two categories according to their study modes. These
categories are:
1. Full-Time
2. Part-Time
Deliverables : 1. Produce a class diagram and their relationships. 2. XML document (matching your data model). 3. suitable DTD 4. XML Schema Document (XSD)