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since Sep 03, 2000
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Recent posts by raghurajput

I have a .bat file which sets up the class path for running weblogic. Give me ur email addresses, and i'll mail it to u.
23 years ago
How many objects are eligible for garbage collection once execution has reached the line labeled Line
String name;
String newName = "Nick"; //newName points to "Nick"
newName = "Jason"; //now newname points to Jason, so Nick is eligible for garbage collection, our count=1;
name = "Frieda"; //name points to "Frieda"
String newestName = name; //newestname refers to name, hence "object" "Freida" is refered to by two variables.
name = null; // here you set name=null, but still newestname points to "Freida", so our count is still 1
//Line A
a) 0
b) 1 //ANS
c) 2
d) 3
e) 4

[This message has been edited by raghurajput (edited September 14, 2000).]
The question says the subclass should "access" but no "OVERRIDE"
the superclass method. A method declared static can be overridden (actually hidden) by a static method.
When you declare a method as final, the subclass can access the method but u can't override it. Hence the ans is "final".
A is incorrect as weightx and weighty can have any double value. The effect of having weightx=2 and weighty=4 is the same as weightx=100 and weighty=200 as the relative value of weightx and weighty is considered.
Hi Sherin,
The correct ans is B. When u set fill=BOTH, there is no point in specifying anchor as the component will occupy all the space available to it when it is resized.
C is incorrect b'coz the inverse of the statement is true.
Pls correct me if i'm wrong.
Congrats :-) It's a great score. BTW, i'm giving the exam on Sep 8, and i'm a bit scared.
23 years ago