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Recent posts by asim satti

yes it has printer setup and the print functionality is working fine. when i click a print button the desir data prints well but IE got stuck

I have called javascript:window.print() function on a button's click. it works well in windows 2003 server but if the same code is run on a different environment as in Windows 2008 server it hangs the IE browser. Kindly some one help me on this thanks in advance
Hello everyone.

I am using TimeObject to set EJB timer when application starts. ejbTimeout() methods invokes in correct time interval but only problem is tha when i run my jboss server the ejbTimeOut() method invokes twice on startup of application. i want ejbTimeOut() to invoke once on a startup.

Any suggestions what could be reason for this behaviour?


Peter Johnson wrote:To look up an OLE error, always convert to hex. So you have error 0x80040154 which is "Class is not registered". Which sounds like you have an invalid URL/path to connect to VSS. More details about how you configured VSS within Eclipse would help. (I would advice you to get off of VSS and use a real version control system but I realize that businesses married to Microsoft are loath to try other solutions...)

Thanks for help
When setting up a Share Project / VSS Configuration Wizard, I receive the following error message: Failed to create Ole Client. result = -2147221164. Other team members did not have this problem. I am using Eclipse Version: 3.4.1 and latest Vss Version 1.6.2
Any help would really be appreciated.
actually i want to know that if i use odbc driver to connect with mysql, is it necessary to create a data source for it, or i can connect without datasource
i want to connect mysql using odbc driver without creating datasource. can this be possible to connect mysql database using odbc driver wihout using data source
if yes then please help me. thanks in advance

i have created a database in oracle 11g. when i connect to the database using sys as sysdba it gives the following error message

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

i can't login into database with any user

can any one help me thanks
8 years ago

I am using oracle 10g which is on another server. when i connect the oracle database from my computer using sql plus or SqlDeveloper it connects. but when i want to connect the same database in eclipse it gives the following error

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

i use the same username and password which i used to connect to sql developer and it works fine but when in eclipse it gives the above erro.
can anybody help me on this

thanks in advance.
8 years ago