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Recent posts by Denis Kipchakbaev

Hello everyone!
I've taken an exam today. Passed with 81%
The exam was tough

I had been preparing for embarrassingly long time - an year and a half
but studying hard only in past 3 months

I started with SG Ganesh book, then with K&B7 and with Enthuware tests.

My Enthuware scores: 43% 55% 55% 65% 54% 78% 63% 65% 74%

K&B7 test scores: 49% 59%

Mala Gupta's book free chapter with mock test: 78%

On the exam some questions was very similar to those from mock tests.

There was some things on the exam that I didn't expect:

- the question about copying a file include an option with FileChannel class
- the question about resource bundles where locale was constructed with Locale.Builder like this:

- the question where you need to choose the correct collection class based on the requirements with an option ArrayBlockingQueue (which I choose as the right answer)
-the question for choosing correct Singleton implementations. The similar questions in mock exams were easy for me but on real exam it was a real brainer. There was an option where constructor have default access modifier but the instance is obtained through static nested class. Another option was just an enum with one constant

Also, there were a few questions that now I know I failed. Something similar to this:

Don't forget about different collections and null

I think Enthuware is most useful for the preparation. K&B7 is good, Mala Gupta's new book should also be good. And of course JavaDoc!
Good luck for everyone on exam!
6 years ago
Simon, I'm completely sure that your test is alright and your answer made me to rethink why I choose D. And then I've found a little inconsistency in Javid's post. The actual answer options are:

A) f1 == f2 will always return true
B) f1 == f2 will never return true
C) IF f3 == f4 always returns true, DateFormat is a factory
D) IF f3 == f4 always returns true, DateFormat is a singleton
E) IF f3 == f4 never returns true, DateFormat is a factory
F) IF f3 == f4 never returns true, DateFormat is a singleton

So I think that the question not about a real DateFormat, but about some hypothetical situation. So I still choose B, D
What do you think?
Can confirm it is an accurate copy. Just bumped in that question.
However, I think the right answers are B and D
B, because for two distinct objects '==' will never return true
D, because a singleton always returns the same object
And, like Simon said, factory can return every time the same object or the new object. So, answers C and E are are false

Could you please post your Enthuware test scores? Thanks
6 years ago
Wow! Finally it was published. Congratulations!
The first book for OCA was great!
Thank you, Kathy and Bert, for your effort!
Looking forward to study with your new book.
I am taking my OCPJP exam soon. Wish me luck ;)
Thanks for the useful information and congratulations!
7 years ago
Hi all!
Had an exam today. Passed with 96%
Completed all questions in 140 minutes and reviewed my 8 marked questions in remaining time (changed answer for 1 question).
Few questions was tough and time consuming.

Prepared with Mala Gupta's book and Enthuware. Book is very good, but I'm not sure I could pass without Enthuware mock exams.
Read Mala Gupta's book 2 times and took all 6 mock exams from Enthuware. My Enthuware scores are:
1 - 72%
2 - 80%
3 - 76%
4 - 84%
5 - 74%
6 - 80%

I am happy Mala Gupta's book for 1Z0-804 will released soon

Good luck!
7 years ago
Congratulations and thank you for your information!
Have an exam a day after tomorrow. Studying with Mala Gupta's book and Enthuware. Feel quite confident
7 years ago
I bought EnthuWare tests some time ago. Very tough and good with qualitative explanation.