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This is a full time salaried job located in our corporate headquarters in Burlington, MA.

Foliage is looking for Developers who are motivated, smart and enthusiastic about building and supporting
complex software using the latest technologies. If you are someone who is not content with
just writing code, but rather wants to understand how and why things work, then you will thrive in this
As a Java Software Engineer with Foliage, you will join a team of collaborative and dedicated engineers for integration and deployment. Working with a group of talented developers on all phases of software development including: requirements definition, design, architecture, development, testing, and integration you will be bringing cutting edge technologies to market.
Sound Interesting; you will need:
• Broad experience developing enterprise software products
• Direct experience in software design and product development.
• Expertise with Java and Java EE or J2EE
• Proven experience with web services development: Tomcat or JBoss
• Experience defining and following formal software development processes
• Strong written and verbal and interpersonal skills
• Excellent ability to work effectively with end users to define software solutions
• Awesome team collaboration
• The ability to have fun while you’re working but an understanding of when it is time to get serious

Rock Stars have all that and…
Experience with Spring and Hibernate.
Fluency with Agile methods
Experience working with remote teams
BS in computer science or a scientific/engineering discipline

About Foliage
Foliage, Inc., a product development company, partners with companies to address the business and technical challenges inherent in developing complex software‐intensive systems. By providing a full complement of engineering and consulting services aligned to business needs and applied over the entire product lifecycle, Foliage enables companies to accelerate development and drive more predictability and productivity into their businesses. Foliage leverages over 20 years of experience partnering with leading companies in the Medical and Life Sciences, Aerospace and Defense, and Industrial Equipment industries. Working with Foliage, companies gain the critical insights necessary to develop products with a difference, and to deliver the products their customers want, when they want them.
Foliage is based in Burlington, Massachusetts with additional offices in California, the Netherlands and India. For more information go to

To submit a resume go to
5 years ago
We are a growing SW firm servicing the HealthCare Payor market nationwide. Our product is the only modern, enterprise-class software platform designed specifically for the payor community. It is built on a modern technology platform and brings agility to organizations who are seeking a competitive position in the new and ever changing healthcare marketplace.
Due to sustained growth, I am looking to add a number of seasoned Principal/Senior Software Engineers to our development team here in Burlington, MA. These are core Java, server side development roles. If you are interested in learning more, please let me know and we can schedule a call to start a dialogue.

US based candidates only. We can assist with relo costs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Katie McAuliffe

Sr. Technical Recruiter

HealthEdge | 3 Van de Graaff Drive | Burlington, MA 01803

e-mail me at kmcauliffe <@>
7 years ago