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Recent posts by Meg Adal

This one I got from one of the fwd. emails:

This one I made

10 1 22 1 18 1 14 3 8 5 18 =101
[ April 04, 2008: Message edited by: Meg Adal ]
16 years ago
today I noticed the moosehead (in LHS top corner) is upside down....
Is it like this for long and I noticed it today???
16 years ago
When One is stuck in heavy traffic which is not moving at all...
Should One put break and keep foot on break paddle all the time
or keep car in "P" (parking) gear?

Which is more fuel efficient?
16 years ago
I am working on small test project with the following requirement:
J2EE Application running on Server
Client types URL and enters the application, Client talks on speaker connected to PC on USB port
The voice data from client is sent to server.
It is recorded somehow and saved for future reference.

Any ideas how to record/save the voice data??

17 years ago
I saw ad mentioning about algorithm.
I was driving through NJ and saw billboard saying something like "Jeeves was killed..."

Does anyone know what that means.

17 years ago
We are currently using J2EE and DB2 .
JSP for UI, EJB2.0 for business logic, DB2 for database on JBoss 4.
I am not clear about your question, but EJBs treat DB2 like any other Database. We do use jt400...

We are currently using EJB 2 and testing is one of the "not so easy" thing for us.
Will EJB 3 make life easier from testing perspective?

Thank you all for the quick reply
17 years ago
In Jboss at present we are keeping the Database username and pwd in db2-ds.xml file in plain text.
Since our database has some importatnt data, from security point we don't want keep the username and pwd in plain text.

Is there any way we can encrypt the same and have Jboss to decrypt and read it?

Thanks in advance.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Tim Holloway:
"sout"? I think someone's been using IntelliJ

You got me

Thank you all for the quick replies.
I read somewhere that "Bald men have more hairy chests than those who are not bald"

I don't remember the reason mentioned in that article why it is so...

Anybody any comments
[ October 18, 2006: Message edited by: Meg Adal ]
17 years ago
I was wodering how to get following in Eclipse 3.2

When I type sout and hit tab it types "System.out.println()"

Thanks in advance.
Found one link which might be useful for the people reading this thread.
Thank you all for the replies.
In SCBCD book by Paul Sanghera
Page42 (2.7.2 EJB references)

It says:

<ejb-ref-type> in <ejb-ref> elements must be session/entity.

My question are
1.why can't we refer MDB here?
As we don't have home and local interface for MDB
Am I correct?

2.I can use same <ejb-ref> element in web.xml as well as ejb-jar.xml
In web.xml (with <ejb-link> to avoid ambiguity and issues due to JNDI name changes
In ejb-jar.xml in the declaration on bean if it accesses some other bean
e.g. Here EJB1 referes EJB2 so EJB2 is added as <ejb-local-ref> entry.




Am I correct here?

Thanks in advance.

[ December 27, 2005: Message edited by: Meg Adal ]
[ December 27, 2005: Message edited by: Meg Adal ]