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Since there is so much confusion on the various sites, it seems appropriate to give you the real deal here from the publisher.

The SCBCD Exam Study Kit ebook is available now from Manning. The book is still on press and will ship to our warehouse next week. You can start ordering the print edition at on Wednesday, June 15th. After that it will begin to be distributed to bookstores. It may take several weeks to get to your favorite retailer.

If you are in a hurry, buy the ebook now (only available from Manning). If you later decide to buy the printed book from Manning, we credit the ebook price (only for orders at the publisher's site). If you buy the print edition from Manning next week, we will give you the ebook for free! These are exclusive online deals from the publisher.

And watch for the author, Paul Sanghera, to participate in this forum at the end of July. I hope that clears things up!
It looks like it's time to clarify Manning's ebook-pbook deal. Sorry to do this in a technical forum, but you asked. If you are not interested, please skip this!

Note, this explanation below is for domestic sales. It's slightly different for foreign sales.

Two months ago Manning installed a new shopping cart. Since then, if you buy a print edition, you get the ebook for free (of the same title). We never did that before. If you go into the shopping cart and order a printed book, you'll see a free ebook pop up automatically. It's up to you if you want to download it.

If you want to save money and just want the ebook, it will cost you about half of the print edition. But, if you love the ebook and decide later that you can't live without that print edition, you can apply the price of the ebook toward the price of the printed book (of the same title). Again, you will get both editions for the price of the printed book. At this time, only Manning sells our ebooks and you can only get these ebook deals at Manning's website.

And about CDs: the only books Maning produces with CDs are the Exam Study Kits. They hold a lot of useful stuff relating to the exams. All our other books have their source code and errrata posted online. We've found we can update things that way and you don't wind up with an out of date, useless CD.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled technical discussion... And if you are really lucky, you may even win a copy of SWT/JFace in Action this week!
17 years ago
Hi All, it's great to hear that Manning books are so in demand. I just handle the publicity and marketing, so I can't give you a definitive reason why they are not sold widely in India. I'm sure it is an economical decision, perhaps the distributors', the booksellers, or who knows? But, if you keep asking the distributor for Manning books, they are bound to increase their representation. Here's where you can place your requests:
Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: Order Department
C-103, TTC Industrial Area
MIDC, Pawane
Navi Mumbai 400 701
Tel Board (91 22) 763 4290, 768 9126 x 118
Fax: (91 22) 768 3337
Best of Luck!
I'm glad to see the Manning Swing book is still highly recommended. The second edition of the book is on press now and should be released in a month or so. Watch for a possible online forum with the authors here at JavaRanch then.
Helen Trimes
Manning Publications Co.
19 years ago