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Recent posts by Balamurugan Muthiah

The class ArrayList gets the toString implementation from abstract class AbstractCollection.

Even otherwise all classes will get a default toString implementation from Object.
To read the HFPMP book there is no pre-requisite. It explains the Project Management concepts in an easy to learn approach.

To take the PMP exam there are pre-requisites. Please refer the PMI website for details.

Yes. The HFPMP book has many examples.
I expect the method declaration to be

public List<T> meth(List<T> l)
return new ArrayList<T>();

If that is the case, it should be implemented something like this
public List <String> meth (List <String> l)
return new ArrayList <String>();

Read generics, you will get hold of this.
Here are my comments
#1 - The reference is of Sweet interface type and the object is Juicy_Fruit. Hence you can type cast Juicy_Fruit object to either Fruit or Sweet types. No problem with this statement.

#2 - Same as #1. Typecasting to Round_Fruit will give runtime exception.

#3 - The reference is Juicy_Fruit type and object is Juicy_Fruit. You will get compilation error if you typecast it with Sweet or Fruit types. Typecasting to Round_Fruit will give runtime exception.

For most cases, for the hierarchy you specified using the interface reference is better option. Casting (upcast) of the objects can be done based on the functions you need to use. #1 is more suitable for most cases.
You are correct Roopesh. The answer should be 11 objects.

See the attached code for reference.

[ September 14, 2005: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
What details do I need to know about B2B Architectures (like Spoke, Exchange, Hub) in view of SCEA exam? Can anyone suggest some materials for this?

Hi Yamini

Internet Explorer is smart enough to work without providing content type. It uses the file extension and/or contents of the file to determine the content type. Also, this behaviour is inconsistent with the different versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Operating System. Netscape does expect you to provide content type. So it is a good practise to use response.setContentType always.

will open in the document in the same browser window.
Hai Lin

Ortimus is correct. That works for me too. Can you post the code which you used and also the error you get? That would help us understand your problem better.
Hi Priya

Sun has announced that the certifications do not expire which mean your SCJP is still valid. You can proceed with your SCWCD preparation.

Also, you can check the validity of your SCJP certificate in the certification database.
Hi Arpana

I could see the following places where the compilation error could occur.

(1) The beginning of the first line is not proper

(2) No imports specified for Vector and Enumeration

'Public' should be 'public'

On correcting all the above the jsp compiles and gives the output
First Value Second Value

Hope I am clear.
Hi Gaurav

The link does work fine in Sun's site and I downloaded the servlet 2.4 spec today. Try again, it might work for you.
I use the following url to invoke TestServlet http://myserver:9080/MyWebProject/TestServlet1?user=firstuser&user=anotheruser

The TestServlet has the following code snippet

Is there any guarantee that the returned value is always "firstuser"?
Hi Latha

Most of your doubts would be cleared if you go through these links.

You can browse through this forum posts which would provide you further details about version of SCWCD exams and books/materials available.

All the best for your SCWCD preparation.

Hi Frans
The answer should be C and F. All other options are either opening tags without closing tags or closing tags without opening tags. I do not know why the answer is D and F.
Hi Anil
There is a free mock exam in Javaranch itself.
Also, few free mock exams are available in jDiscuss forum.
jDiscuss Forum Mock Exams
All the best for your SCWCD exam.