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Recent posts by meeta gaur

id is foreign key for second table,I need aircraft_name,airport_name as a result
for airport_city="mumbai"

Condition is that in search not only searched city's aircraft should
come as well as closest city's aircraft should also come.

i.e closest city of mumbai is pune(based on alternative_base_airport
value of mumbai which is home_base_address of pune)

so when user provide argument airport_city="mumbai"

then result should be like that

Luca Ali wrote:CONGRATULATION ! I' m very happy for you ! Do you already have the 1z0-803 ?

Yes , Luca I passed that last year but because of unavailability of proper study guide it took long time to feel confident to write ocjp 7 exam.

Oracles released java EE 7 on june 12, 2013j. Is there any news for ocewcd 7 exam ? ,Should i wait for that new exam or i should write ocewcd 6 exam ?

Thank you
Thank you very much I scheduled my exam on Friday.I hope i would get at least passing marks.
Thank you for reply Did you get questions on each chapter ? which chapters have more weightage ?
Yes that' right
10 years ago
I think it is String[] args=new String[0]; but don't know how enhanced work with this ,anyways thank you.
10 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Because your loop ending condition is incorrect. You're accessing the 0-th element even though there is no such an element.

Why enhanced for statement doesn't throw runtime error ? and args is not null then what it refers ? thank you
10 years ago

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0

I ran this code thru IDE.My questions are 1) args is not null then what object it has ? 2) basic for loop causes runtime error then why enhanced for loop doesn't ?
at TestArray.main(
10 years ago

Luca Ali wrote: I've tried to be very detailed because I've seen there is a huge lack of resources on this exam.
You can give a look here if you want:

If one moderator of the Forum think that my experience can be useful for everybody, you can stick this post ;)


Congrats great effort. There should be cow for you.

could you tell me difficulty of questions ?
oh got it , just passing reference.
10 years ago
I thought i have created three different threads and they use their own lock for synchronization and operating on their own StringBuffer object rather than a shared object. sb is not shared object , each class object has their own.
10 years ago

Steve Luke wrote:What do lines 15-17 do?

They are not in loop.
10 years ago